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I could just start screaming and not stop!

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Ted & I can not find a job ! And his unempollyment(sp) has run out! I can't sell my car! I can't buy food,I can't pay the bill's ! I can't buy my med's.! DO YOU MIND IF I SCREAM?
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Sorry things are so rough for you. I don't have any words of wisdom since I've never been in your situation. Have you checked for state assistance?
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yes,but because Ted had been getting unempolyment at $299.00 a week we made to much to get any help.now we have to wait 3 months of no pay to get any help! Stupid !!They go by your last 3 months income to see if you can get help.
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ouch! sorry you are having so many problems.
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That sucks! I'd be screaming too!
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Sherral what about the church? Can they help? Are their relief organizations near you? A Gleaners where you donate your time working in their store for food? Could you perhaps hire yourself out to clean houses or start petsitting? Are you handy crafty? Is there anything you can make to raise a little bit of money? Have a garage sale perhaps and get rid of everything but just the essentials?
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hissy is so damn smart!

hissy will you be my surrogate mom?
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Do you have anything you can sell on e-bay? Can your kids help with a loan? How about a 2nd mortgage as a last desperate measure?
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Have you considered temp agencies? I was in your situation over a year ago, and looking back now I can't imagine how I made it through. I was signed on with over seven agencies at the same time. I pestered them for work, called in at least twice a day.

One advantage of temping is that you get paid EVERY week. Employers in this area are finding and keeping temps over new hires, because they don't have to pay benefits, and there's no paperwork on their part.

Now I'm working a long-term assignment that is going to last a year or more.

One trick you could use is to take things ONE DAY AT A TIME. Don't think about next week, or next month, you WILL run yourself crazy if you do. If you've done all that you can do for that day, when 6PM comes, drop it. I know it's hard, but I learned how to do that. You can't think of everything, and you will wear yourself down if you try.

I am SO sorry you're in that situation.
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I have a job interview Thursday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please cross all toes and finger's And send good vibe's! Thanks for caring
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I have a cat magic book with an employment ritual. Me and the kids are going to do a candle ritual for you before your interview!
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Rubyangel it is at a temp agencie,at this point I will take anything! Keep the candle lit!
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*crosses everything that is crossable* Good luck I hope things start to look better SOON (like on thursday)
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I have been in the housekeepimg field for 20 years.I put a add in the paper today,and on line(local),hopefully I will get a answer soon.A new hotel is opening in town soon (Best Western) I applyed there,friday,haven't heard anything yet.
Anybody need their house cleaned?
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Good luck Sherral!!! I sure do hope it works out for you.

I'm sorry you and Ted are having such a tough time right now.
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Awwwwww OhMyGosh.... You are one of my best cyber mates Sherral and my heart is breaking for you!, You can scream here all you want, I'll scream with you!!

This "sucks"!, I hope you and Ted can both find jobs!!! Could you be selling some of your lovely necklaces you make???

Prayers Love Hugs everything coming to you from NZ, I wish I could help...

Love Sam.

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We are right behind you in line here. Hubby is still getting the unemployment but, when it runs out! Ouch!

I still have kittens available so there is a tiny income there. I have also been painting mini's at $5 each.

If I lose another kitten I will just curl up and die. The vet bills have been crazy and cash has been short.

I will be planning a huge scream as soon as the unemployment runs out.

RubyAngel I would like a copy of the "Employment Ritual" so we can light a candle here too!

Good luck Sherral! I wish you the best of luck with the interview.
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I'm leaving work now but I will bring the book in and post the ritual tomorrow. (I also have some rituals for protecting cats. If anyone wants, I will post them, too.) Night, everybody!

P.S. Sherral, I'm very happy for you! It's gonna work out!
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Oh Sherral, I just saw this thread!
Postitive thoughts heading your way for you to get that job!
Mega hugs!
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We're rooting for you!

Temp jobs can be great, because you can get your foot in the door with good companies that might otherwise toss your resume. You can also make lots of great contacts that way.

Best of luck!
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Originally posted by sherral46
I have a job interview Thursday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please cross all toes and finger's And send good vibe's! Thanks for caring
Sherral - I am sending a TON of positive "Get The Job Vibes" your way. I hope things turn around soon.

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Sherral, sending my best wishes, hopes and prayers that things get better for you guys, and SOON!!!
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Oh gosh Sherral ! What a mess ! I am crossing everything I can for you ! It WILL work out in the end...it always does. The trouble is that it never feels that easy when you are in the thick of it all, does it !?!

In the UK we have a benefit called Disabled Living Allowance. It is a benefit you can claim from the state, for things like depression and other health problems. Loads of people I know have it for depression and stress, because these are conditions you cannot
prove properly, one way or the other. Horrible isn't it, but at least if you have that sort of benefit, where ever you are in the world, it would be some kind of finance coming in.

I wish you every bit of luck I can pool together for you. Living without finances isn't easy.

At the very worst, don't stay out of the job market too long. Get voluntary work for a few days a week, while you keep searching. Not only will this get you out of the house and mixing with people, but you're bound to make new friends. My biggest problem when I went back to work ( apart from having a few irrelevent skills ) was that I had been out of the job market too long.

You could try call centre work ( not selling stuff, but customer services ). Call centres in the UK almost always need staff...don;t know if it's any different where you are. Also try looking at Temping agency websites. That way you can get immediately updated with any new vacancies.

I wish you the very best of luck. Let us know how it goes on Thursday...oh and when and if they ask you " What are your strengths and weaknesses " for the weakness part, answer " well I've never
had a weakness that I wasn't able to make a strength." If they ask for an example, think of something silly, that you now do very well!
ie...using a stronger bleach, beacause it works faster, thus cutting down the housecleaning time, and improving your efficiency......
I don't really know, but make it relevent to the interview you are up for !


Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always

Don't give up...your miracle is on its way !!!
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while i was reading your thread, i got so mad, i guess because you guys worked you are being punshied for it, heck you need help now not 3 months down the road, that is insane, but now if you had never wroked and wasnt about to you could get it all, free everything, i know that is how it is in my state, and thats wrong, i so hope you two find jobs soon, but just keep it together please, ((((((sending good luck vibes your way)))))
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I want to thank each and everyone of you.I was just now able to read all the post,because when I read the frist one I broke done at all your caring. I am going to hang on to that and the fact I have a interview Thursday. God bless all of you.
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I would love to have yo come clean my house, but I am afraid the airfare would make it not worth your while.

Here's hoping the end of the tunnel is but a short distance away for you and Ted.
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Good luck, Sherral. Too bad, that you're not closer - my mom and dad need someone trustworthy to help around the house.
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Good luck Sherral, money worries are the pits. I hope you get a job soon.
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Yep! Temp agencies can be life savers at times. And don't be afraid to call and visit some churches for help. Salvation army is a good one that will help if you're in a bad spot. Look for a Mormon (Latter Day Saints) church for help too. They will be a huge help.

I'm really sorry you're going through this tough time. I've been there and it isn't fun at all. Times are tough right now and I thank God every day that I have a job! Hang in there and don't be afraid to let it all hang out here!
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Keep the vibe's coming 3 more day's intill the interview!
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