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The League of Conniving Felines

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My kids seem to think that they should be fed EVERY morning at 6AM, no matter what. Last Saturday Rocky and Angel kept jumping up on my bed, and Ruby was walking around yelling out "Now! Now!" so I got up and threw them all out of my bedroom. I closed the door, opened a window and turned on my box fan. The portable A/C was running in the other part of the house so I knew they would be all right.

When I woke up two hours later Rocky, Angel, and Ruby were sitting by the door trying to look innocent. They had knocked over a table, a chair, and turned off the portable A/C. Both closets were standing wide open, and some of the boxes were opened up and pushed over on their sides. Paper towels were mysteriously rolled down the stairs.

I'm guessing Angel was the ringleader, because she knows that if I hear something hit the floor I usually come out.

When I lived in a one bed room apartment and I closed my bedroom door Angel would go into the bathroom, jump up on the toilet seat lid, stretch out, and very daintily push at whatever bottles or jars were on the back of the toilet. The other two would sit there watching her, not that she needed much egging on. I put a stop to it by replacing the glass with plastic. That way, whatever she knocked over would bounce. She quickly learned that it didn't have the same effect.

Oh, and a spare package of toilet paper committed suicide, too--poor thing just tore itself to shreds.

I made them WAIT while I cleaned up. SLOWLY.
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LOL Sounds just like my Grayski!Don't ya just love them?
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HA! Sounds like Angel is a contradictory name for your little playful one! Sounds like fun at your house!
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Sounds like my boys in the morning wanting food. Sammycat and Oscar will sit on the bed and meow at me softly to wake up. if I don't move Sammycat will then touch my nose with his foot. He has seen hubby touch me on the nose since he was a baby and knows that will wake me in an instant.

If the nose touching doesn't work quickly enough then comes the claws on the feet from Oscar and the Sammycat. That will get your attention real quick, I have gone to work with bloody toes on more than one occassion They will knock thing off the dresser and other tables to get me up if I am really dead to the world, but lately the only thing that is working is the claws......ouch.
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We're a little better off. We get to sleep till seven am. Then the feline alarms go off!
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A technician at the Humane Society told me once that any animal that is named Sweetie, Baby, Honey, or Angel is the kind of animal that either will rip your face off or try to take over the house! When I first got my VCR one of the cats (and I do think it was Angel) decided that I was watching the VCR too much. She dragged one of the videotapes over to the litter box (the drag marks were 15 feet long) and buried it in the litter box!

Angel is also responsible for singelhandedly-or should i say singlepawed?--destroying two other VCRs. You know the slot that the tape comes out? Once she discovered she could put her paw inside, the game was on!
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Originally posted by rubyangel
Oh, and a spare package of toilet paper committed suicide, too--poor thing just tore itself to shreds.

I made them WAIT while I cleaned up. SLOWLY.
Now, that could have actually been a reward.
I once read that one of the main reasons why cats create a mess, is so they can watch you clean up after them.
That probably isn't true, but it made good reading!
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LOL!!!! That is soooo funny!!! Wow, I think my cat is way disciplined and knows I'll spank him pretty good but since we've moved into a house, he has this awful habit of messing up the blinds in the windows even though he won't go outside, at that time. He was a bit more difficult when we had our other cat, a black feline who had mental problems (named her mango after my favorite fruit), anyway, she ended up running away before we moved Now that he is the main cat in town, he is pretty tolerable, it's a lot of fun though fur *for, sure to have a cat who zips down the hallways and play with things and plays with the baby!!
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I think they DO make a mess so they can watch us clean up! Whenever I clean out the litter boxes, Angel and Ruby will come over and sit and watch very intently. I can almost hear them say to each other, "Okay, let's see...on a scale of one to ten, let's give her a six on this, 'cause she didn't get our favorite litter. I mean, we'll use it, but she's got to get the good stuff the next time..." Face it, folks, THEY HAVE TRAINED US WELL!!!!
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