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Newbie here

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Just wanted to introduce myself and my babies. I'm here in CA and have had my tabby Jake (now 7) pretty much since I moved here from MA. He's the sweetest boy and of course mama's baby. I adopted him at 5 months old from a kitty rescue, and although I wanted a kitten at first, I'm so happy we found each other. He's gone from being a city cat (lived in Hollywood for over 3 1/2 years) to a now country bumpkin (moved 3 hours north to Central Coast 3 years ago), and is so happy to be away from all the noise and traffic and have a big, BIG yard to roam around in. He loves to be around me, and when I'm outside will stick by me and follow me around. He's just the best (sorry pic is so big)!

Now though Jake isn't the happiest kitty, for we've just brought home a new addition...little Amber (11 weeks old now...no pics yet, but soon). She was found running through the streets at a local festival a little over 3 weeks ago by a lady. DH saw her and said that he'd take her as his wife wanted a new kitten. After suffering with an injury on her tail (something bit her and she had to spend the first three days after I found her at the vet's office), getting tested for feline leukemia 3 times (the first test came back positive, so they ran two more just to be sure...both negative thank God), and getting over a bout of tapeworms, she's now a healthy, VERY hyper, energetic kitten. She loves to play, but has a bad habit of biting and latching on hard over and over again no matter how much you pull her off, shove a toy in her face, or tell her no. I'm in the process of breaking it, but it's not easy. However, I'm so happy she's in our family and I hope that Jake starts to get along with her soon.

So that's me! I'm happy to be here, and glad I found this site.
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Welcome to the site. We are new today also and happy to be here. Our 4 don;t always get along either. The 3 boys like to pick on the girl. She is starting to defend herself now though. We also have Romeo that likes to dig at anything wooden. We are working to try to stop that behavior. Well Glad to talk with you and hear your story. Hope for more in the futher.
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Welcome to the site! Jake and Amber sound like beutiful little companions for you. I'm sure Jake will come around to her eventually.
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Thanks for the welcome! Well, Jake did learn to tolerate our dog, so hopefully it's just a matter of time with Amber.
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welcome to the site, i think you will like it here, i do, sounds like a nice little family you have there
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Welcome to the greatest cat site on the www!
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welcome to the board!!
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Thanks again for all of the welcomes. Hopefully I'll have pics of Amber to post soon.
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Welcome! Enjoy your staying here!
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