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Cat falls asleep, falls off "perch"

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My poor old 15-year old Burmese male falls asleep in window sills, stools, stair landings, etc. Once he falls asleep he slowly "oozes" off his "perch" and falls, still asleep, to the the ground, or where ever. Cats do NOT land on their feet while asleep.

This happpens once every several hours. The other day he fell off the four-foot high shelf/bannister at the foot of my stairs, fast asleep, and hit the carpet like a sack of potatoes. I placed a four-foot fake plant there so that he could not perch there anymore.

The next morning, to my horror, I found him fast asleep on the simular bannister at the top of the stairs. If he had fallen off this he would have tumbled into the stair well - a six-foot or worse fall.

I piled books on this platform. I have placed pillows under all of the window sills that he favors, but he is still falling and I cannot tell if he is hitting pillow, table or floor.

Can anyone offer any advice?
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Your cat is the equivalent of a 70-80 year old person. We safety proof our homes for our elderly relatives, so you must do the same.

You are on the right track putting things up to prevent him from getting there in the first place. All I can say, is study this. You may have to put up a board along the window sill to prevent him from falling. Unsightly, yes. But required. Just go around the house and identify problem areas. Ask someone to walk around your house with you to see what can be done. Two heads are better than one.

Its hard with an older animal. Perhaps put chairs backward in front of the window sill so if he falls, it won't be onto the floor. Put pillows on the chairs. The about a long piece of heavy cardboard to "tent" the bannister? Use duct tape to secure it somehow. He will see he cant sit at the top of this "tent" and it will discourage him. Let your imagination go and see what you can do.

It is a challenge. Good luck. Don't want the poor old thing to get hurt.
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Even some younger cats do this, it has a lot of do with how deeply some cats sleep and how tired they are.
I've had my 7 year old roll right off the bed, a 5 year old fall off the back of the couch a few times, and the kittens roll off the dresser (short dresser).

When you're home and you catch him up on those higher risky areas, gently move him somewhere safer. If you can make safer sleeping spots for him, do so. Do you have the perches that you can put on window sills? They're usually $30-40 a piece, but a couple of those in his favorite windows would be good. Move some small shorter end tables over near areas he's picking, maybe he'll use them to lay on instead of shelves and the bannister.
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