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Calling all Anne Rice fans...

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Here you go, Tybalt

I'm a huge Anne Rice fan- especially The Vampire Chronicles and The Mayfair Witches triolgy.

Anyone seen her official website? Its pretty cool. I also saw a site that had pics of the covers of her books that were released in other countries. Some of them had pics of some of the Mayfair witches- Deirdre, Suzanne and Rowan. Its cool to see what the artists thought the women looked like, based on Anne's description of them.

Let me see if I can find the link to that site...
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Ahh- here it is- a photo gallery of her book covers:


Btw- if you look at the covers for Lasher theres a cover with a picture of Rowan on it- thats exactly how I pictured her looking
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I am going to move you guys over to our literary forum, it's not just for stories but also books-

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Yup, HUGE Anne Rice fan here too. I actually have all of her novels in 1st Editions (the ones under the name of Anne Rice, not Anne Roquelar or the Erotica, unfortunately), except for Interview.

My fav is The Vampire Lestat - he is SUCH a Brat Prince! LOL

It is very interesting how people see the characters in their minds. Anne Rice wanted Rutger Hauer to play Lestat in the movies, which is not at all how I saw him. I saw him like Sean Brennan from London After Midnight. In fact the first time my friend Mel and I saw London After Midnight we both said "OMG, it's Lestat!"

(Ok, so Lestat wouldn't be wearing that much vinyl, but otherwise... LOL. When we first saw Sean Brennan he was dressed as the classic Victorian Goth, with the lace and brocade jacket and all that.)
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Another Anne Rice fan here. My favorite book was Memnoch the Devil. I also have, Pandora, the Vampire Armond,The Servant of the bones,and Vittorio the Vampire. I'm sure I had more, I just can't find them right now hmmm... that is strange.
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I LOVED Servant Of The Bones- thats next on my list of re-reads, after The Witching Hour.

Heidi- Sean Brennan does look a lot like I pictured Letstat too. I didn't read many Anne Rice books until after I saw Interview with A Vampire, so now Louis and Armand are officially Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas in my head I never thought Tom Cruise made a good Lestat..
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I really liked Servant of the Bones too. The Mummy was really good. Violin I could have done without, and some of her more recent Vampire Chronicles seemed very rushed and not as well thought out. Her latest one, Blackwood Farm, was very good again. I think she was getting tired of her brat prince and whiney Louis, and David who I know is one of her favorite characters but he just annoys me. He comes off as so better-than-everyone, like "Lestat made me, and I was Talamasca so I know EVERYTHING!"

Have you all read her books under her pen names? I've read Cry to Heaven (really good) and Belinda (very different from her other stuff, but still good). I STILL haven't read her erotica Sleeping Beauty series. It's on my to do list...

Melissa, even though I had read Interview well before the movie, I see Armand as Antonio too even though I know he's supposed to be a 13 year old Russian and not a 30 year old Spaniard!
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Its funny how when you get that image in your head of what a character looks like, its nearly impossible to change it.

I flipped through one of the Sleeping Beauty books- and wow! Pretty risque

I'm going to make a list of all Annes books, under Anne Rice and her pen names and read them all through again. I read the Vampire Chronicles out of order, so it was a bit confusing for me. I need to read them all in the proper sequence I think.
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I was disappointed with several of the Vampire Chronicles. It seemed that she was just resting on her laurels and not putting any real effort into the books. The latest one was fine, though.

Wish that she'd write another Mayfair Witches, though. I love that series!

Violin was AWFUL!
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Memnoch the Devil and Servant of the Bones are still on my To-Do list.

I want to read the books in the right order, but I got stuck in The Tale of the Body Thief. Just can't seem to finish that one.
Maybe I should just skip it and move on.

I saw Interview with the Vampire before I read the book, so I don't have too many problems with Tom Cruise as Lestat.
Back then, he was the reason I went to see the movie in the first place.
Now, I wouldn't mind seeing Kenneth Branagh have a go at Lestat
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Seagull, I had a bit of a hard time with Tale of the Body Thief too. A bit out there, IMO. Memnoch is much more interesting.

Tybalt, if you didn't like the homoeroticism in Armand, don't even think about reading Poppy Z. Bright! LOL

I think Stuart Townsend had the attitude and aura of Lestat down pat. Much more so than Tom Cruise did. Neither of them *looked* right to me, but you can't have everything. I would rather have the acting more in tune with the book than the right look and no acting ability.

The biggest problem I had with Queen of the Damned (movie) is that they tried to put way too much into less than 2 hours. The Vampire Lestat could have easily been one movie, with Queen as a second movie, but they tried to combine it. When I saw it I couldn't believe that people who hadn't read the books could possibly understand what the hell happened! Obviously they did, but I knew how many gaps I filled in with information from the books.
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I love Anne Rice's books, not all but most. Queen of the Damned movie could have been much much better, I agree, could have been part of a trilogy. My hubby saw part of it and was bored because he didn't read the book. Stuart I think had the acting but not the looks. Aaliyah of course was gorgeous but they didn't give her good acting scenes.

What is your favorite vampire movie and who do you think played the best vampire?
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Am reading Queen of the Damned. Finding it hard to get into though. Hope it picks up because I’ve bought most of the chronicles and have to read this to be able to move on!

Aaliyah died shortly after making it, half her speech was re-done by her brother. Maybe they didn’t have a chance to re-shoot some stuff and had to go with what they had?

Brad pitt and tom cruise are by far the sexiest vampires!
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Oh I love Anne Rice. I have copies of all of her books, even the Sleeping Beauty Novels, which what I can I say about them. Pretty steamy stuff.

Of the Vampire Novels, I think I like Queen of the Damned best followed by Tale of the Body Thief, it was kind of a strange book but neat to read.

With the movies, I liked Interview with a Vampire ok, but with the possible exception of Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst no one was cast correctly. Quite frankly I would have made a better Lestat than Tom Cruise an I'm a girl. And Antonio Banderas as Armard, I sorry but I don't think so. I think it took a lot away from the movie to have the character played by someone so old. (Around the same time Star Gate the movie came out and the kid that played Ra would have made a much better Armard, he was a strange kid.) My biggest gripe with both of movies is that they changed important story lines from the book, ie Lestat biting Daniel .
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