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Technology and Conservation

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Based on a question raised by a neighbor of mine, I pose the following:

It was only approx. 60 years ago that TV's began with tubes and resistors and now we have plasma flat screens, right?

And computers...WHEW!! From room-filling cabinets to PDA's, etc.

Why haven't we been able to move as rapidly to replace the internal combustion engine (first built in 1893) with something better?

Yes, I'm aware there new "hybrid" vehicles and such, but why is THAT technology lagging so far behind?

I don't know, myself. I'm curious what others think.
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I believe that it's largely due to oil companies being such powerful lobbyists. To re-invent the car would mean a gigantic shift in the economy.

It's like putting tobacco companies out of business. We all agree that their product is harmful, but to 86 the industry would cause an economic upheaval.
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I agree. My husband says that the reason solar power never went anywhere is because the oil companies bought the technology!

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It's all about money, and big money at that. Until the supplies of oil are depleted to the point where we have no other choice, there won't be other choices. I would dearly love to get a hybrid car, but I simply cannot afford to spend that much money on a car.

How ironic that we complain so much about our dependence on other countries, especially Middle Eastern countries, for oil and yet the best way to rid ourselves of that dependence is always put on the backburner or deemed "impossible" (regardless of the fact that is has been created, just not mass marketed).
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And that WAS the argument in the Old South for a long time. If slavery were abolished, their economy would fold.
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You cannot own own a technology but can own a patent. But there are so many different auto companies you can see that isn't really a problem. (the same can be said for computers) The technology for building a better alternate power car is within reach but would take alot of money to develope and retool their factories. The cost of the car would be so high most Americans couldn't buy it and many that could wouldn't. You can buy an electric car and a electric/Fossil fuel car now but most Americans find it is a bad value compared to a fossil fueled car so they buy a fossil fueled car. If you really want the car makers to have motivation to spend the money to offer better alternate choices than you should start by purchasing a electric car and or an electric/fossil fuel car. The free enterprise system works on supply and demand. As long as companies are having trouble selling the electric or electric/fossil fueled cars and selling fossil fueled cars they have little motivation to spend billions on it.
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vaalerie makes a good point. WE have to bring about changes by what WE purchase. If it won't sell then they won't build it. If you want cars to change, you have to start the change. Go solar or electric.
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The consumer is king!
We have a great monorail system in kl!
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