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Question to you oh wise ones.

My girlfriend recently adopted a lovely long haired girl. It seem she has this double layer coat and get's matted very easily even with beeing brushed on a daily basis. I have had only short hair cats and had no advise except - bring her to the groomers.

Anything else that would help reduce the number of trips to the groomers is appreciated.


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Don't use a brush use a wide toothed comb. This will go deeper into the fur and keep it from matting.
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I had a thread going abou this very thing but I don't see it anymore. The recommendation that I got is to us a tool called a "Zoom Groom". A link to purchase one was provided but I found one at Petco for the same price. My Tubby was very matted. One month later he is mat free. This is a great tool and not expensive at all.
He used to hate to be brushed. I can brush him anytime now. He loves to be brushed now. I don't know if this will help with your kitty but Tub has longish hair also.
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Ok - Zoom Groom. I'll get her one - it's definately worth a try .

Thanks guys!!!
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