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In the spare bathroom bathtub, with cleaning it out daily and lots of air freshners in there. Working fabulous so far.
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Unfortunately, we are apartment bound and our bathroom is too small to put a large litter box for our two boyz. So, we have the litter box tucked in a corner of our dining room. I know it sounds gross but it's really not too bad... my hubby found this enclosed litterbox called "Catty Corner" and it's really great!


It's got a tray in the bottom - so all you have to do is lift the tray to sift the clumping litter out, dispose of the "nastys", flip the top to the bottom, replace the tray and pour the remaining litter back in. It's a snap! And odor is to a minimum since it's all enclosed. Plus, since it's shaped like a triangle, it fits nicely in to corner, hence the name "Catty Corner".
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I keep mine in our den, and I scoop it out at least once a day. Since my computer is in here with the litter box, it gets scooped more often if anything really smelly happens. Simba scratches like there's no tomorrow, but never actually manages to cover anything up!

I use the clumping litter; I also use litter box liners, and once a week I pull out the bag and start fresh. I tried to use a covered box - Simba was game to try it, but he couldn't figure out how to get the whole way in. So his rear would still be sticking out of the door when he would start to go...I decided it would be much better to have an uncovered box with everything still in the box, than a covered box with nothing actually making it in there.
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I use both regular clay (For Kuce) and the clumping low dust kind (For Sphinx due to his allergies)

Kuce's litter is in the bathroon and Sphinx's is in the living room corner.

I, too, live in a small 2 bedroom apartment with my family - luckly the bathroom is big enough for a litterbox.

Every room is carpeted except the bathroom and kitchen so we use newspaper under Sphinx's box for the loose litter that may come out. and I clean them at least 2x a day.

I also use the plastic litterbox liners in both pans.
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i keep mine in the bathroom, its closed with a door, plus i used litter crystals so it doesn't smell at all

heres a pic of mickey leaving the toilet:

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we have a HUGE kitchen,we keep in there of course it's
away from the table
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We've got one in our bedroom(large covered), and the other is squeezed into our bathroom right next to the toilet. I worried that privacy would be an issue with it being in the bathroom and was prepared to move it if needed. Oddly enough Simon likes company. I swear he waits until a human is using the bathroom THEN goes in and does his business talking to whoever is using the facilities.
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Hello, I am new to this site. Umm my two kitties are really disgusting. I love them alot and wouldn't give them up for anything, but, what do I do? Am I doing something wrong? In order for them to be sanitary I have to scoop their litter box everytime they go which is about more than 10 times a day! And if i don't get to their poo immediately after they go, then if one of them needs to go again they walk in their poo and then jump all over the furniture and carpet. The younger one, (about 5 months old) plays in the litter box even when there's poo in there. Any suggestions? I've never had indoor cats of my own before and I am extremely confused on why no one talks about their kitties being nasty, and how easy they are to care for. I'd really like some help, as I have a lot of trouble fitting studying into my schedule. It's poo, poo, and more poo. Is my problem that I should have a house instead of an apartment? Sorry this is long..

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What kind of food are you giving the kitties? Some foods are less nutritionally dense than others, and the cats have to eat more (and poop more) to get what they need. If you're feeding a grocery store food, you might want to consider switching to a 'premium' food from the pet store - you can ask your vet for a reccommendation. I noticed a big difference in my cats when I switched from cat chow to Science Diet. They poop a lot less, and it doesn't smell as bad.

Also, it's best to have at least one litterbox per cat, and you might want to switch to a type of litter marked 'low tracking' or 'less tracking'. There are even self-cleaning litterboxes on the market - if you can spend the money, you might want to look into getting one of those.

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When were these kittens at the vet last? That much poop is not normal under any circumstances unless you are non-stop feeding food that is not good for them. I would get them to the vet to be evaluated. If they are long hair (Persian etc...) you can ask the vet to clip the back hairs for you so they don't get stuff caught there. Kittens routinely will play in a litterbox if they have no other stimulation around- a tall cat post, a perch by a window, cat toys and interaction with you.

Kittens are not nasty, they are fun and challenging and frustrating at times. Chances are these kittens were not with mom long enough to learn about the litterbox. You need more than one litterbox for these kittens and you might think about investing in a self-cleaning one as well. But first and foremost, I would get them both to the vet.
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This is GlitteryJezebel, for some reason I wasn't able to log back in so I had to make this name - (my little boy cat's name).
I feed them both Science Diet.. Took them to the vet after the last post and he also suggested another litter box and that feeding them two times a day is not too much. I think the main problem I have with Jezebel's litter box habits is that, while turning around to sniff if she'll poke her poop then cover it, so poop gets in her paws. Why does she poke it? Never had a cat do that and the vet didn't know why she does it either. They checked her for worms, anything that might be causing her to examine her own feces. They said there's nothing wrong with her physically.
I study at home, and I am out of work so I'm here 24-7 except when going to a grocery store. I play with them for maybe a total of 4 hours a day.. But when we're playing, Mittens will jump in the litter box to hide from me and when i come by he jumps while tossing litter at me. They both have cat stands and there are plenty of places we've set up for them to play and high places for them to sit by the windows and hiding places. I think you were right Hissy about them not being with mom to learn. But I'm not sure what to do. It's not healthy for the cats or us humans to be exposed to feces being tracked everywhere. Tuxedokitties, do you know any of the brand names of the litters marked "low tracking"? The vet suggested maybe teaching her not to touch it.
Thanks for your advice.
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