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Where do you keep your litter box?

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I was wondering where everyone keeps the litter boxes in their house? Our friend leaves his in the basement and cracks the door so they can get in and out all day. I wasn't so sure if I was comfortable with that. I've read that alot of people do that, so that thier house doesn't smell. Right now, I have mine in the downstairs bathroom and we are trying to battle the smell.
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In the hall closet. We have a cat-shaped hole cut in the bottom of the door so they can get in & out. We also have one in the spare bedroom (a.k.a. storage room). I wish I could keep another one in the bathroom, but the bathrooms are just too small.

If you use a good clumping litter and knuckle down and scoop twice a day the smell should stay under control. I just make it a routine & it's not too bad.
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Our litter box (the closed kind) is in the upstairs hallway, right beside the bathroom door. I use clumping litter, scoop at least once a day, and wash the whole thing out once a week. There's no odor problem.
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We have a room just for the cats and I have 6 boxes in there. 4 are littermaids and 2 regular. They are emptied twice a day. Very little smell.

Before this we removed the doors to the cabinet under the sink and put the litterbox there. We scooped every time we used the bathroom and that worked great.
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We have a lineup of 11 boxes in the basement, plus one in the attic and one in the computer room. They get scooped no less than twice a day, and there is little to no smell.
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I have a covered one in the master bath.... Get's scooped min of 2 x per day - NEVER A SMELL!!
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Thanks for the responses... I think what we are smelling is actually the litter itself. I usually scoop it twice a day, and clean it out twice a week. I still don't have a covered one yet, since they are still kinda little, but I think it's starting to become time for one.

Do you think the covered ones make a difference in the smell??
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I have 12 upstairs and I run a Citykitty ionic litterbox air purifier all the time, besides keeping the boxes scooped and scrubbed. No smell no problems.

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I live in a small one bedroom apartment, so mine is under the kitchen table. (I eat in front of the TV, lol) Its a booda dome and I use crystals litter.. doesnt smell at all.
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I live in a one bedroom basement apartment, and I keep mine behind my door in my bedrooom. I have a covered one, and I scoop it once a day. I have never had a problem with odor.
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I keep 2 in the storage area with the door open a crack. I scoop at least 2 times a week and empty it once a week, the odor stays under control
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I have three fur children and two boxes. A regular box in the basement.....and a Litter-Robot in the bedroom.
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Hum, I was just fixing to post something about the smell and I saw this post.

I have 3 kitty's that use the same litter box. My momma cat (along with her babies) have one in their room BUT she won't use it, she will hold it and wait to use the main litter box in the bathroom.

The main box is kept in my back bathroom off of my bedroom by the toilet. It's not covered cause it would not fit. I scoop in the morning, when I get home from work and sometimes before I go to bed. My problem is one cat (she is diabetic) does not cover anything anymore, my other cat has very smelly poop but does cover and my Momma cat, well, I can't tell which is her's. One reason my Gracie's poop probably smells so bad is because I do not feed her high quality food (mostly 9 lives) but my other two get SD Kitten food for dry.

I did read where somebody actually "cleans" theirs once a week so that might me some of my problem also. I will clean it really good this weekend if I don't do it before then. My litter is the clumping kind and I love it.

Any comments???!!

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I keep mine in the hallway in front of the spare bedroom. I only go in there to iron clothes. It is a covered litter box, which I scoop out three times a week and will totally change every other week. I do not have a problem with odor.
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I have 7 furr babies, 12 litter boxes... and all are scooped 3x per day with special litter de-odorizer thrown in the mix... oi....

~ Salem
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I keep mine in the spare bedroom. I have a roll away litter box, so I roll it twice a day, empty all litter every week and scrub the box.
Also have a hepa air filter going 24/7
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My kitty box is in the basement under the steps we clean it out every other day ( we have 1 adult cat and a kitten ) we don't have an odor problem and it keeps it out of the way. Plus like lots of people the bathroom is to small to have it in there
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i use arm and hammer with crystal and never have an order problem unless i forget to scoop for a few days

I have two in the computer room closet, two in the large bathroom, two in the kitty room, and one in a litter bench, also there in the room the kittens and snowwhite where/are in. I have a whole lot of litter boxes!
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We have four "kids" and four boxes. Two of them are upstairs(one story house) and two are downstairs in the basement.
the 2 upstairs are in our room and in the living room(scooped 2 times a day and cleaned with Antibacterial Dawn once a week, with the litter change)
The 2 in the basement are by my washer and under the stairs. They are scooped every other day and cleaned every two weeks with the same soap and litter change. It costs me about $10.00 every week to change all the litter in their boxes, but I am a clean freak so I can't have any type of icky orders in my house and this works for me so I'll stick to it!
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I just recently moved into a tiny little apartment and I don't have much room anywhere for my litter box. A lot of people think it's a strange place, but the only thing big about my apartment is my walk in closet. I would normally keep in the bathroom, but my bathroom is tiny and it wouldn't fit in there. I scoop the litter box at least once a day, but sometimes more. They have a covered litterbox, so the closet doesn't smell and it's out of the way.
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I have Spike's litterbox in the laundry room. At first I thought the noise of the washer/dryer might scare him from using the litterbox, but it doesn't seem to phase him at all.
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Fluffy litter box is in the closet by the front door of our apartment.
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I keep both litter boxes in the bath room. This is because all the other rooms in my apartment have wall to wall carpeting.
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In my closet. I know it sounds yucky, but it's not that bad and it's the only way my parents will let me have a cat. I scoop it twice (sometimes three times) a day, and I never have a problem with odor. Socks also has a litterbox down in the basement, but she very rarely uses it and it only needs to be scooped every 2 days because she only uses it if she's lounging in the basement and doesn't want to walk all the way upstairs.

(1 kitty has two bathrooms - the 4 humans have 1 bathroom... hmm...)
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Gambit's box is in the bathroom. Other than the kitchen it's the only room in the apartment that's not carpeted.
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Holy cow, I can't believe how anal you guys are with cleaning your litter boxes. I clean mine once a day, and sometimes I skip a day if it isn't bad. Mind you it's only two cats, so it's not out of control. I keep the box in a decent sized storage closet. It's like a mini-room just for the kitties to mess up.
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Since I live with my Grandpa and he's got a free roaming bird Willow and I are stuck in a bedroom. So, I keep her litter box on the side of my bed. it's between the wall and my bed giving her some privacy and keeps it hidden from guest She's a pretty non smelly cat I use just regular litter non clumping......she's not to fond of the clumping!!
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We have ours in the attached garage, with a cat door installed in the door between the house and the garage. Very little noise out there, as compared to the laundry room.
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I have one ltter box in my bathroom but is as big like 2 boxes , then I have 3 litter boxes in the hallway bathroom , there is one box in my son's room unter his desk and 6 litter boxes in the inclosure for right now . Will @ more when the roofing problem is solved . I scoop at least 2 times a day and clean the boxes a min. of once a week , well maybe more like every 5 day's .
OK now I got a question . With what do you clean the litter boxes ? I clean with Bleach Cleaner and land stand for 3-5 minutes to kill bac. then scrup them and rins with the waterhose very well down . I clean mine outside in the drive way
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I have 3 litter boxes and 2 are in the laundry room and the other is in the guest bathroom. All 3 are covered with a filter that is replacable. I use the clumping litter, it's great!

I scoop 2 x's a day and rotating wash every week. No odours at all in my house.

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