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Age of Innocence  

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Hi I thought it be pretty cute to start a thread of our own time of innocence I was going to post this or should I say, I thought I posted a pic on Denice's thread but ....??? Who knows what happened?! LOL...Here's a snazzy shot for ya! (I had the cat thing goin' on already with those glasses huh??? :LOL: :laughing:
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what a great thread, Catarina!!

hmm... i dont have any photos of me as a child on my hard drive, but, i will get
some scanned right away!

what a precious, priceless photo of you as a youngster, i love the glasses!

and by the way, i have missed you much so glad to see you posting.

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That's a brilliant idea!!!
Catarina, did I tell you how glad I am to see you back here
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:LOL: Thanks Blue & Billie! How Sweet Yes, I'm back and it's great to be here!

Please post your pics!!!!! I know you have to have some really cute ones!
Love &
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At one years old -
sure wish I still had the blonde hair1
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Here's me:

And here's Christine (crescendo)

I used to dress my sister up really weird and make her pose for me while i took pictures *lol* I thought I was some kind of photographer with my Kodak 110 :laughing2
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This was a fun idea Catarina. Okay so here's my picture...
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Here's my baby picture.

By the way, maybe I'm just a but I can never figure out how to post two pictures in the same post. Someone please explain how you do so.
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Oh you guys are the cutest!!!!! Angels!!!! :angel2: This is a hoot!
Love...keep 'em comin!!!
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I'd kill to have that white blond hair back now! LOL
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What lovely pictures! I don't have any on my hard drive - I'll have to find one and scan it...

bookitty, you can't post more than one image if you use the attach function. You can only post multiple images if you use the {IMG} tag and use pictures that are stored on the net.
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Great Idea!

Here I am. Body by PB&J, clothes by Sears Robuck.

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Do people even do that anymore? Exchange St. Christophers medals, or class rings? I remember getting my first class ring from this guy off the water polo team in high school. I slipped it on, it didn't fit, and my girlfriend whispered "Don't worry I have some angora in my purse." Then we went to the restroom, and she showed me how to wrap the ring and brush it all out once it was wrapped. LOL I felt so important wearing a piece of fluff on my finger..LOL
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OH MY GOD!!!! I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a great thread!!!!!!!!! And how absolutely adorable you all are!!! I really enjoyed seeing all these pictures of you all!
I too was a cute youngster.....many moons ago.... So I will have to ask my sister-in-law, who has a scanner, to scan one of my baby pics for you!
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Hi Everyone! I haven't been online...cause I'm out here finally visiting Philip in Arizona!!!!!! I'm so excited, because we are definitely in love and I hope to be coming back here very soon kitty cats and all. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's such a great feeling to be in love awwww

I wish more people would post thier guys are sooooo cute! Hey...where's your pic Deb & what about Blue's??? ....and the rest of the members..awwwww come on!

Love &
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alright, you asked for it. I have baby pic somewhere, but this one is on my HD right now. I think I must have been about 7 or 8
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Oh Sandie!!!!!! I LOVE it!!! What a DOLL!
And Catarina....I am so glad you are there with Phil.... I hope you are having a GREAT time!!! Love you!
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Hi Everyone! Sandie that picture is adorable! I just love it when we can look back and see ourselves at these precious years in our lives. We are so innocent and loving...too bad most people can't stay this way. Seems like all of use here on the cat site have remained as such. It's a kitty cat thing I guess's a good one... which one is me? LOL Everyone gets this one wrong! :LOL:

Love &
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my guess is your the one all the way on the left....
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Dear airprincess!

Did you just watch me post that or something..

I hope all's well with you darlin...I'll write soon...there's so much to tell ya
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everything is great here!

but I'm dying to know.....are you the one all the way on the left or not?!?!?!?!
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YIKES! I must've be when you answered this and moved on with my day..then came back to see this posting. I hope my delay didn't drive you nuts with aniticipation for the answer to your question! :laughing:

O........K. ready???????

You're right! I'm shocked! For some reason, no one can see the's me and I really don't see how they could mistake me. Just another pretty face in the crowd I guess!!! :laughing:

Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful...I loved that commercial! : .

Love ya!
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Catarina; I am so-o-o-o-o-o HAPPY
to see you back. And so thrilled for you and Phil
I hope this is an answer to your prayers Things have really turned around for me lately and now that you and Blue are back and feeling better; things are really "Looking Up".
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Dearest Darlene! :angel2:

Oh I'm so excited to hear that you're doing better!

What happened? Please email me or just let me know what thread it is that I can look in on to catch up on these events that took place in your life! You have no idea how often I think of you. I've missed everyone so much too. It seems that I was sick stayed away for so long and then my "not long enough" vacation with Philip

Darlene, you're right...he is the answer to my prayers...I'm so in love

I didn't get my pics developed yet, but I generated this funny one of us from a photo editing program I's kinda funny! :laughing:

You're such an angel :angel2:...See, God really has blessed us all
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Originally posted by Catarina77777
where's your pic Deb & what about Blue's???
sorry, sweetie, i havent had the chance to get one scanned, i havent forgotten about it though,
maybe i can get that done this afternoon.

how was Arizona?! i bet you are had the best time, i'm so happy for you.

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Catarina!!! I am so glad you are back!! I have missed you!!! And I am so happy that you had such a great time!!!! You should start a thread and tell us all about it!!!! I you, big sis!!!
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Oops! I guess you already did start a thread about it!!! I just now saw that!!!
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