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Can I have the son

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I am new in breeding. My 3 cats all female Persians. I only let Ginger to mate before and she had 3 deliveries before all female. I kept one of the daughters (Sherry) and now she is more than a year. The third cat is picky, she did not like the males I got for her before to mate. I want to mate them with a purebread male to keep the breed.
Now my question is:
Ginger had a male white baby 2 weeks ago. If I kept it to mature at home, is it OK to breed him with mother and sister or they will have a bad babies as I heared once.
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Please do not inbreed. That is not what ethical breeders do.
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Thank you Hissy. So it will be bad breed as I heared. Ok I have to look for another male to raise at home.
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Responsible and informed line breeding, inbreeding and out crossing are established techniques for maintaining breed conformity. Unfortunately, without the proper information and training inbreeding can result in unhealthy kitties.

Since you are just starting out, getting a male outside does seem to be the best way. Maybe when you look for the stud, you can also look for a good mentor, someone who might help you learn all about breeding?

Here are a couple articles that discuss the pros and cons of inbreeding:


Take care.
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They are very helpful. Thanks
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Maybe you can find a breeder willing to trade kittens with you. A lot of breeder will trade breeders to improve their lines.
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Yes, that is what I am going to do. I am looking now for a boy to raise with my girls so I can ensure that I will have good kittens in the future. Thank you for help
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