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Hey there Wellingtoncats....
I read one of yor posts and I was so to find that you're just 13...

You sound SO much older/mature...

That's great though!!
Good luck with the hair!!
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Hey Suraya!!!!!

*blushing* , Thank you very much! I turned 13 in March! , I loved the compliments, so sweet of you!, I'll tell all how my hair turns out

Thanks Again! , Hugs,

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Sam, you are the most mature and self-possessed 13 yr old I have ever known, my 2 sisters and myself included

I hope your parents realize what a treasure they have in you! They should be very proud!

You are a great person and I am glad to know you! (warm fuzzies)
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Awwwww! Sue.. That's so sweet of you!!!!

(warm fuzzies right back at a very special person to me )

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Sam I was wondering if you have any siblings? I know you have a step-sis (brother?) Any others? Older younger? Pet lovers/haters? Age difference?
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I have one half-sister, Kayla. We have the same dad but different mums. She's 11(I think) and absoultely loves cats, They have about 6, a few strays they rescued and a few persians from us we couldn't sell..

And the one sep-sister Jessica(Jess) who is one of my best friends, we are not step-sis's now coz my mum and her dad have broken up .. She loves pets and has 2 a dog called Max and a kitty called Sam, but she's allergic to pets and it's really hard for her when she comes to my house, coz we have the 2 giant dogs and all the kitty's so she *sneezes* all the time Jess turns 14 next Monday.

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