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My New Look

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I have decided to go for a new look!

My hair was very blonde when I was little, and now it's very brown!!, I really like blonde so I'm getting a full head done tomorrow at my local hair dressers, it will take around 3 hours and $120. I am also 6 weeks later going to get my hair straightned permanently, 5 hours and $450$, Mum has kindly said I could get this done, I hope I don't look like a dork!

Send me luck it'll work alright
love sam
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Sounds like a great change! Gee how are you going to sit still so long without a computer in front of you?
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Thanks Mary-Anne!!

LOL I agree, - i'll survive.... just

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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
I am also 6 weeks later going to get my hair straightned permanently, 5 hours and $450
Wowza! That's a lot to get your hair straightened. Here's a tip, I dont know if it works for everyone but I just brush my hair as I'm blow drying and I can get it perfectly straight.. then I go over it with a hot iron after.

That's awfully nice of your mom! Try to get a picture, we'd all like to see the new Sam!
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Yes a new photo would be super nice!
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You haven't seen my hair Sicy I have a straightning iron but I wanna get it done for good, you know?, Thanks for the tip though

I'll try and get a picture

Thanks , Sam
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Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
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How do you get it done for good? What is the process? I have had thick, curly hair my whole life and I have never been able to let it grow because it gets way too unmanageable, so I am curious!
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are you getting that cool new chemical reconditioning thing (or whatever it's called, i forget..) It's not $450 over here, at least not at the reasonable places. I heard in Hong Kong or somewhere it's like $80.. Anyhow I've seen it done on TV with amazing results!! I kinda want to get it but don't want to spend that much money when my hair isn't that curly to begin with.. Good luck with everything
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Oh, what we straight-haired people wouldn't give for curly locks! Good luck, Sam!

BTW, have we ever seen your OLD look?
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I think she posted a pic in the Pictures Pictures thread awhile back!
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I think my hair is following the same path as yours. My hair is still blonde, but it is getting darker. It used to be nearly white.

I'm sure your hair will look great, not to mention that you wont have to straighten it every day!
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omg pythagorus I love your sig
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we have that process here too. It's four or five stages of straightening. More and more chemicals but it doesn't burn your hair like traditional straightening methods, which only have one process. It's very expensive ($500) but it lasts until your hair grows out.

Before and after pics???
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Hi Amy, I'm actually not sure of the method they use, every 6 or 7 weeks you just have to go and get touch ups though, my mum had her hair done and it looks really good!

Thanks Anna, I'm not too sure about what happens, I'll be sure to take mental not of everything and then come back and share!

Thanks Deb, I like my curly hair but if I want I'm sure i can get it "curled", Yeah I have shared my picture before, my hairs typed up though so you cannot see how curly it is.

Pythagorus, Thanks , I think our hair is, when I was real little my hair was ginger and then it went kinda white and has just got darker

Tamme- I think you're right!
Well as my camera is all crapped at the moment, I don't think pictures will be possible as yet.... my camera has been like this for a few months and to fix it we have to get a new compatible comp.. arrrgg we just got this one in december

Thanks Guys!!
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I go to a really nice hair dresser called Miranda but she's sick( They just rang) and now I'm going to have a different lady doing my hair .. Just thought I'd share!

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Wow Sam! Talk about a complete makeover! What I'd do for bone straight hair! This is the first time I've ever heard of this process and that it's somewhat permanent. I've had my hair straightened before and it doesn't take out all the curls. Now, I've come to terms with my locks from hell and plan on keeping it curly for a long time. It's so much easier than blow drying my hair straight every morning. It took 45 minutes alone just to blow it straight! Now, in 45 minutes I've showered, fixed my hair, applied my makeup, got dressed and brushed my teeth!

Good luck Sam! Let us know how it goes! That was very sweet of your Mom to do that for you! Make sure you give her a big hug and kiss for all of that!
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Good luck with the hairdressers Sam!
I had my hair cut today, its pretty short - funny thing is, I asked for a certain haircut that would be easy to manage especially as I swim almost every day.
I ended up with a hair style that looks somewhat like a Beatles style. Call me George....
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Thanks- Shell, I really love my curly hair but it's so much easier to be straight, if people say "eww brush your hair", to me, I will get out my brush and it glides straight through my hair, it might look unmanagable but it's so easy care and I never get knots!!! I will ...

Thanks-Kellye, LMAO at your hair cut, I bet it looks gorgeous, Care to share a pic..


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It's nice to meet you George !
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LMAO, you kill me Shell!

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, You guys have me in tears!!!
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Here's a before pic of Sam! Just had to share with everyone so they'd have an idea!
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I saw the picture... But that was when i still thought wellingtoncats was older so I thought, the picture was maybe wellingtoncats's daughters...??

I'm SO blur!
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and looking great

2 and a half hours later and my hair looks pretty good, it's really really light blonde. They straigntned it just temporay today with the irons and it's really long being all curly I didn't know it was that long... I'm going back to the hair dressers in about a month to get it permanently straightned, I'm not sure if I want it permanetly done though coz it makes my face kinda bigger ugggghhh.

Thanks for sharing Shell , Ewwww That's me in March(?)

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Hi Suraya!

That's me, not my daughter LOL

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I know.... I think from another planet... PICTURES PICTURES!!!! : We want pictures!: We want pictures! We want pictures!
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