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Cats & Mouse poison Question

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Sammie5 made me think about this with the post about moving the couch!

If a mouse eats poison and then a cat catches and eats the mouse, will the cat be in danger?
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Absolutly. The poison the mouse ate can be fatal to your kitty. Never poison rats or mice, use the traps. It is a faster kill and less suffering for the rodents, as well as, the critters not dying in the walls stinking things up.
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I don't know for sure but I would say yes on this one. If an animal can pass poision to their offsprings thru nursing I would think that the poision could be passed to another animal if eaten. JMO
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Absolutely, and it can put your cat into either renal failure or stop their heart, depending on how much poison the mouse ingested before it died.
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I quit using poison on the mice a full year before I got Sam. I switched to traps. But cats are the best mouse "repellent" I have ever used. It took three months after Sam arrived for mice to be gone for good, and we have never seen another one.
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That's why there are warnings on poisons to keep them away from domestic animals. Even, fly spray can irritate a dog or a cat and when concentrated enough, cause breathing difficulties.
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The poison also kills the hawks and owls that catch the mice. Mouse and rat poison is a killer of rodents and all of their predators.
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I wasn't thinking of using mouse poison. But I was curious. Because I think that is how Kiddy dissappeared a year ago. My house is kind of like a duplex and I think the guy next door was using poison. And I saw Kiddy swallow a mouse whole that looked very bloated. It wasn't long after that Kiddy dissappeared. Right after Kiddy ate the mouse, I called a vet. She said that she didn't think it would kill the cat but I wasn't sure. She said I could bring him in if I wanted but I didn't see Kiddy after that. It was so sad. And I felt really bad because it was my daughters cat and she left him with me while she was in Texas.
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