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What are your favourite movies? - Page 2

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Evil Dead II-"Groovy!"
LOTR movies
Harry Potter movies
The Changeling
The Haunting (the original, although I LOVE the house in the remake)
Time Bandits
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Rose Red
The Woman in White
The King and I
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Wow, we have a few

1. Legend (tom cruise in his younger days) fans!!! That was my absolute fav since I love unicorns, stick a horn on a horse, and for some reason, it makes them even more beautiful :dali:

there are so many that I agree with
2. LadyHawk (my hubby liked this one also)
3. Beautiful minds
4. Powder (i saw it a few years after it came out and it was really a touching movie)
5. Gladiator (this was during my obsession with whats his name then he started dating Meg Ryan! Arrgh! but glad to know he married his true love!)
6. GreenMile (me & my bestfriend cried our eyes out on this one)
7. Signs (me & the same bestfriend screamed our butts off!)
8. Night of the living dead(i know, weird huh but it scared me senseless when I saw it at a young age)
9. Texas Chainsaw massacre (i know, another weird one but everyone here says there really was a freaky family like that)
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I love:

The Joy Luck Club

A League of Their Own

The Big Sleep

Fried Green Tomatos

All the Indiana Jones Movies

While You Where Sleeping

To Sir, With Love

Philadelphia Story

There's so many of them.
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Beautiful Mind
Donnie Darko
Bill & Ted's Excellent Andventure
American Beauty
Say Anything
Jay and Silent Bob (hell, any Kevin Smith movie)
Benny and Joon
Pay it Forward
Emperor's New Groove (Disney)
Homeward Bound
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Adding Pirates of the Caribbean to my list- AMAZING movie!!!! And talk about eye candy....who'da thought Johnny Depp could look so hot in eyeliner??
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Titanic ( my all time favorite )
Shawshank Redemption
Legends of the Fall ( this is an awesome movie, if you haven't seen it you must! )
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Sleepless in Seattle ( what a cute movie )
Pretty Woman

There are others but I just can't think right now
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