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Great Pictures everybody!!!!!! . I adore looking at the past< I don't have any of my own photos to share, but I have heaps and I'll scan them one day!

Thanks for sharing, I'd love to see more
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My great-grandfather John (Dad's father's father). Yes, that's a boy!
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O'Keefe family portrait (the young man standing in the back is the little boy in the previous photo)
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The woman in the second row in the flowered dress is John's wife Florence (my great-grandmother). The little boy in front (NOT sticking out his tongue) is my grandfather Edward. The man on the left in the front row, wearing a hat, is my gread-great grandfather.
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Once again, the little boy in front is my grandfather. Check out the socks!
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First, this is my mom and my grandparents, circa about 1936 or so....

This is my dad when he was in Korea, circa early 1950s. The interesting thing about this picture is that it was taken by a fellow in my dad's company. He never saw the picture until he retired to Florida in about 1998. The man lived in the same retirement community as my dad, and they reunited. The man gave my dad this picture that he had held onto all those years!

This final shot is from June, 1965. It was taken aboard the Queen Elizabeth, which was about to set sail for Great Britain. My grandparents were going for their annual visit home, and we were seeing them off. That's my Nain (Welsh for 'grandmother') in the front with me. Behind are my parents, my sister, and my maternal grandmother. My Taid (grandfather) was taking the picture.

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Wow what great photos! Ok all you guys that haven't posted yet, dig through those old pictures and share with the rest of us!
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Here's the only old picture that I have, really. I have some of my parents from the 50s-60s at home.

This is an interesting photo, though. It is from 1942 or 1943, and is of my grandmother and my dad (wasn't he a cutie??). The reason it is so beat up is because it was the only photo that Grandpa had of his wife and his oldest (and only) son during his service in World War II. Dad didn't meet his father until he was 3 years old - Grandma was pregnant when Grandpa was sent off to war.

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Wow, Heidi! That is one hell of a touching story. I love hearing about all of this family history stuff. It is so interesting.
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Wow... Most of these pictures are older than my MUM!!! Cool!
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