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The rainy season is here!

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Last night, at about 7:00, the skies opened up and gave us some much-needed relief. It started in the mountains and worked its way through town. Bill and I were seated by a north-facing window and got a spectacular view of this massive thunderstorm, over the Catalina Mountains.

Needless to say, I was VERY careful, driving home. We encountered some mild flooding and I'm sure that I p****ed some people off, with my careful negotiation of the running water. WE got home intact, though. Tucson Police responded to 23 traffic accidents, between 7 and 8 p.m.

Ike and Pearl were soaking wet and covered in mud. They love to run around in the rain and wrestle in the mud. For the next couple of months, I'll have to keep an old towel handy, to wipe them down. The high winds blew a lot of trash into our yard and Pearl brought most of it to me. I let her keep the twigs and leaves - she likes to chew on them and none of it was toxic.

The cats all flocked to the windowsills, to watch the storm. No fear of thunder, in this house.

Right now, I can see the thunderheads building up over the mountains, again. The cooler temps will feel good. It was 104 today and the humidity was way up.
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Wow wish I was there on the porch with you guys and a glass of iced tea. No rain in sight here, just hot hot hot!
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we just got through the rainy season here, im glad it rained to much, the month of april and part of may it rained like 26 out of 45 days, and then the first part of june was even rainy, so now im enjoying some sunshine for several days in a row
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I love the rain...
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We got lots of rain too and it has been cooler today thank goodness...ice tea sounds good right about now too!
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We needed it badly. With the fire under control, they're going to start letting residents back up the mountain this week. Now, we have to watch for mudslides.

There 60 mph wind gusts, last night. Part of I-10 was shut down ,for 8 hours. A power line blew down and a lot a trees and branches went flying. There was a jumping castle, at Reid Park and it ended up in the middle of the street.
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