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Winnie and Minnie are doing really good! Everyone has pretty much accepted them, well, except for Fluffy & Cinnamon. Fluffy still kind of growls and hisses, and so does Cinnamon, but they will always be like that.
We call Gizmo "pappa cat" because he grooms Winnie from time to time. he was the last one we would have thought would've done that! Scooter still hisses on occassion, and so does Tigger. Overall, it has gone really, really well, except for Winnie & Minnie's URI They are still sneezing, so I need to call my vet tomorrow to see if he can give them an extra round of antibiotics. I think it's still kind of lingering around. They eat and drink and play though. So maybe it's a viral infection like he had suggested. They both tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV.
Winnie has the funniest moew, too.
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you know if they are kittens there is such a thing called herpes virus, it is common in kittens, mine had it, and they acted like that, but the vet said they would grow out of it around 7 or 8 months old, and they did, ask your vet about that, see what he or she says, it sounds like they are getting along okay othere than that, good luck with the gang, and hope there is some happy hissing going on before long
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hmmm... now that you mentioned that, I thought I remembered him saying something about herpes.. They are due for their final set of shots, or I should say a week past due. I'll ask him tomorrow!
Thanks, Dougbug!
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Keep us posted and send pix!
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pictures! pictures! I wanna see pretty new kittens! LOL!
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