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Kitten wants out

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Anyone have any ideas how to stop my kitten (he is 6 months old) from dashing out the door? He sees me take the dog out and now he wants out whenever I open the door. He has gotten out twice already,(in the past week) but luckily I was able to catch him. I live in a condo which only has one door, no screen, so I can not see if he is at the door when I am coming in. So I have to be very careful. Any ideas will be appreciated.
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I wish I knew what to tell you. I don't want your precious Socki getting out. I wish I was more of a help but Hey, what are sisters for!

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Thanks anyway Michele, and you have been a big help in the past.

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Hi Robin,

You didn't mention whether or not your kitty was neutered, but if not, it may be time to talk to the vet. It could be that he wants outside to find a mate.

If he's already neutered, then the best advice I can give you is to be very careful when you open the door and be prepared to catch him if he slips through.

Best of luck,

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Yes he is neutered, I am guessing since he goes out on the screened porch he would like to go a little further. I do try to be ready to catch him if he tries to get out but he is quick and knows just want he wants, to be out.


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Hi Robin,

Whenever I hire the cat sitter to come in to check my cats, I worry about them getting out too. What I've done is put a child gate in front of my door, this way when she unlocks and opens the door they can't scoot out. They'll have to literally jump onto her in order to escape. Just a suggestion...

Good Luck,

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I have the same problem, dear. The only thing that I could do to keep both my cats from getting out is putting bells on their collers. Then, before opening the door, listen to see if they are there, then dart through the door. My cats started getting sly about it. One would distract me while the other ran out, then when I grabbed the one that ran out, the distracter would run out. Its actually kinda cute, until they learned that it amused them to see me trying to get them out of a tree

Good luck!
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That's a good idea about the gate. The only one who I know who isn't going to like it is my 18 year old son, but he is not the only baby in the house anymore.


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My Socki, does have a bell on his collar and I do hear him come running to the door when I put the key in the lock. The only problem is he just sits there until I open it. Pretty smart.

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The best way to discourage running to the door is never to let the cat succeed! After a history of unsuccessful attempts, the cat will stop trying. After even one success, the cat will try hard and for a long time.

Tip: don't arrive at the door with three bags of groceries in hand and expect you'll be able to keep the cat in. Instead, put down all but one bag and use that bag to block the floor level when you come in. After you're in, bring in the rest. In general, spend the time to be in control whenever the outside door is opened. Kids will need to learn how to keep the cat in too. A waterbottle may help with persistent cats. It will pay off later when the cat stops trying to get out.

To turn a formerly outdoor cat into an indoor one (or to discourage a persistent one, you might try this, recommended by the San Francisco SPCA: Enlist the help of a friend to hide outside the door with a hose and spray attachment and have her or him spray the cat when you let it out. This may take several applications, over several days.

Some cats are remarkably persistent, and never seem to give up. Good luck
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I guess I am lucky. I have in the past made a really loud noise when they get near the door. I either clap my hands or if I have something like a pot or pan I will bang on that. I have to do this every time I have a new kitten but out of all 11 none try to sneak out any more. Everytime I open the door..they back up.
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Hell603 & Sandie

Thanks for the advice. I am trying everyones suggestions. I do not want my Socki to get out. I have heard many stories about Hawks and Owls scooping small animals away and I have plenty of them were I live.

Thank again

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I have a similar problem with my cat. I started leaving a shake can (empty soda can with some pennies) right outside the door and would shake it right as I walked in because my cat was waiting right there trying to get out. I'd also shake it near the door as I was leaving. It actually worked and eventually she would approach the door but didn't try to get out.

Unfortunately, I got lazy and complacent!!! and took her out a couple of times while I got my newspaper in the morning (not outdoors, but just out to the hallway of my apartment bldg), thinking, well, it's still inside, I'm close by. BIG mistake! Now she's back to her old ways. Every morning she waits by the door and cries to go out. This morning she somehow managed to wedge open the door and sneak out! Luckily I found her hiding in the downstairs bike racks but still I am too nervous that someone will open the front door to the building and she'll be gone. So now I'm retraining her to stay inside my apartment and reminding myself that I have to be consistent for it to be any good!
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Mindy's Mom

Thanks for the suggestion. I am trying everything. Hopefully one will work.

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I like that idea of the can with the pennies. My cats are always right at the door when I come home. At my old apartment, I used to put my briefcase down and block the way as I squeezed in. It wasn't really too big of a problem, as my apartment opened into a hallway. But once in awhile they got out and I would have to go downstairs to fetch them.

In my house, they are right at the kitchen door when I come in. I make sure I have the garage door down before I come in.

I always have to be pretty vigilant. My Squirt knows my car by sight. If he's in the window and sees my car, he makes a dash for the door.

A long time ago, he used to go outside. At that apartment complex. he would see my car pull in the place and run for home to be let in.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that cats aren't smart!
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You are right Cats are very smart. I have only had one now for 4 months and he is only a kitten but he is smart. He knows when I lock up the birds in the morning, I am leaving for work, and he jumps right to his kitty condo for treats. Then when I come home he runs and cries at the fridge because he knows I feed him some wet food at this time. Then of course he waits by the door to try to sneak out when he knows I be coming in from walking the door.
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Just to let everyone know, the squirt bottle works real good. I just actually had to squirt him twice and now he looks at the bottle and runs. I leave it buy the door. I feel better now knowing he doesn't go near the door. Thanks Everyone for your ideas.
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I'm glad it's working. Now that I have moved, I have my older cat, Squirt, gazing longingly at the door again. I swore I'd never let him out again, but those eyes begging, "Please, Mommy, please!"
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I would not let my cat outside, I know they want out but I have felt my sister Michele's pain everytime she has lost one of hers.

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Tell me about it, Robin. I was a WRECK when Squirt was lost for 2 weeks. I thought he was gone forever. When I got him, I always intended for him to be an indoor kitty.

But one day I came home, and there he was outside waiting for me. I can only assume that the apartment exterminators let him out by accident. After that, he was the indoor/outdoor boy. He really loved it. He would always come to the sliding glass door about every half hour to check in. When I moved a couple of years later, I figured I would keep up the tradition after keeping him in for 3 months. One night I let him out. The first 3 times he came back every 15 minutes to check in. The fourth time he was just gone. I lived in one of those huge apartment complexes with the red brick buildings that all look alike.

When I found him, he was in another part of the complex. A lady who had responded to my sign in one of the laundry rooms said he had been hanging out with the ferals there. I honestly think he wandered off and couldn't find his way back.
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That why I don't want my baby out. He is my first Kitty ever and my best friend now, I would hate to lose him. My fear if he gets, there is the woods right behind me.

Be strong when he looks at you and says Mom please let me out, don't give in.

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