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8-year-old-boy charged with torturing kitten

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Tippy, suffered severe head trauma, a fractured skull, and a fractured palate. She is on the mend and looking for a good home through Cats Exclusive, a Margate agency that helps find homes for stray cats. The agency's Web site is

Luaderdale Lakes, Florida - An 8-year-old boy was in serious trouble after he was charged with torturing a kitten.

The reason? Deputies said the child told them he hurt the 3 to 4 month-old tabby because he was bored.

The striped kitten, now named Tippy, suffered a fractured skull and a fractured palate. She is on the mend and looking for a good home through Cats Exclusive.

Here's what Hugh Graf, Broward Sheriff's Office spokesman, said happened around 2pm on the 28th June, a Saturday, at the Canterbury Apartments on Northwest 34th Avenue:

Deputies sent to the complex to investigate reports of children hurting an animal arrived to find a battered kitten lying in the grass. It was bleeding from its mouth and nose and was having trouble breathing. It was rushed to Coral Springs Animal Hospital for treatment.

Detectives then began looking for the person who injured the animal. They quickly identified a boy, who is not being identified because of his age.

Witnesses said the 8-year-old had found the kitten in some bushes, picked it up, swung it by its tail, then slammed the stunned animal into the ground. Then the boy fled.

Detectives talked to the boy and his mother, who lived near the playground, and he admitted hurting the kitten. He also said he did it because he was bored. He was charged with animal cruelty, a third-degree felony.

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I think this kid needs a few years of therapy and made to work his butt off so he will never be bored again.
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Hmm wonder what he'll be doing by the time he's 13?

It would be interesting to see what his mother has to say, and how he is being raised. Sometimes things like this are a product of the environment, but occasionally there are people born who are just plain ordinary evil. I predict a future in the penitentiary for this child.
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OMG that is horrible!!! Why would someone be so cruel. I don't care if he is 8 or not he needs to be punshied. What is an 8 year old doing running around with out someone watching him anyway!
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How horrible! Parents should teach their children to respect animals. They are living, breathing creatures! That is pure evil. Being 8 years old, he should be mature enough to know it's wrong to hurt animals. How cruel!

When my 7 year old brother get's bored, he plays with the cats! He'll grab a wand toy and make the kitties chase him all around the house. He loves them. I just wish all kids could be like him, he NEVER bugs the cats. He waits for THEM to come to him. If the cats want to be left alone, they are left alone!

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What is the matter with today's kids? I have a 7 year old grandson and he would never think of doing this!! Where was his mom & dad?
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That is just sad. Why would an 8 year old think torturing a kitten would stop him from being bored? This kid obviously needs a lot of therapy and perhaps a lesson in what abuse and cruelty of animals really means (let him spend a few days at animal control or with a vet who takes care of abused animals).
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If that was my kid, he'd never touch another living thing like that after I got through with him! I'd beat his butt until he couldn't sit down! OMG! that ticks me off so very much!!!!!!!!!!!
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I can't iamgine Mark ever doing something like that, when he was a kid. He ALWAYS had a cat on his lap or in bed with him.
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Why was a 8-year-old walking around at a park by himself anyway?

I'm not sure about the different countries- but in NZ you very rarely see an under 10 year old walking by themselves without parents .. is it the same in the U.S.A?

What the child did was disgusting, it made me truely upset, If I had the chance I would do the same to him Animal cruelty is NOT something to go lightly on and if one of my friends or somone i knew did this to an animal , I would tell someone important and NEVER have anything to do with the person again

GET A LIFE YOUNG BOY - AND the parents , they should start looking after their son and get him some mental help.. FAST!!!!!!!
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WellingtonCats, in the part of the U.S. where I live, there are certain places (like mobile home parks and low-income apartment buildings) where SOME of the parents have a lot of difficulty coping with their circumstances. Their kids suffer as a result, because they don't get the right kind of guidence(sp?) from the parents. It's possible the 8 year old boy lives in this type of situation.

I hope I haven't offended anyone...
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He said he was bored did he?

Was he told to say that by a lawyer so that he gets a lighter sentence because from that comment it's easy to come to the conclusion that he didn't know that what he was doing was wrong.

And I noticed the article said children, not child. So what happenned to the other children? Or did the people reporting have the same problem with their eyesight that causes them to see a group of children when one child is present? I hope that all the offenders were caught.
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Laurie: You have not offended me. This is a troubled child who needs help desperately! His parents need help too. Perhaps the child has been abused. He might say "I was bored", because he could not say "someone hurt me".
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That is HORRIBLE!!!! Everytime I read of someone being cruel to an animal (especially a baby ) I just can't believe it...and an 8 year old to boot! I hope that kid receives some sort of punishment and not just a slap on the wrist!!!
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Sorry, but I do not think punishment is the answer. The child may have been abused so he is striking out.
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I don't give a damn if he was abused there is no excuse for this and he needs to be stopped. It's this kind of behavior that leads to a life of crime, and blaming it on being abused is only the beginning of the everybody's a victim syndrome that gets criminals off. Many children are abused every year and do not hurt animals. As a matter of fact, I have heard stories of children being abused, even sexually, because the adult threatened to hurt their pet, or just a bunny in a cage, if they didn't let them. This kid is sick. There was a little creep on my street who stomped a squirrel to death. He was also a bully to other kids. No matter what there is no excuse for cruelty.
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How sad BTW your link is not working.
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I agree with Tybalt!
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Originally posted by Lorie D.
WellingtonCats, in the part of the U.S. where I live, there are certain places (like mobile home parks and low-income apartment buildings) where SOME of the parents have a lot of difficulty coping with their circumstances. Their kids suffer as a result, because they don't get the right kind of guidence(sp?) from the parents. It's possible the 8 year old boy lives in this type of situation.

I hope I haven't offended anyone...
Hullo Lorie.

I still think it's totally irrispsponsable(sp? ) of the parents/guardians, no matter what bringing up he had

(thanks laurie)
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I finaly over come my fear and was readin this thread . I hate when on purpose any animal get hurt . Well we don't know that boys back ground and so don't know what kind of fam. he live with . But the fact is that the boy was bored and abused the cat . What normal kid would do something like that just becours he is bored . I can not think of any . Next door to me there is a 14 year old boy , he has a nice home a dad and a stepmother . His stepmother and dad are very caring to him . That boy is a mean lying , stealing ..... what ever . Right now he is on probation (sp) for destroing the citys property , broke into a place forgot how it is called and destroy all computers and so on , he was seen on tape and cought . Now in the night he is roaming the streets and have no clue what he is up to next . How ever . This year in spring I see how he carried a BB gun with him in a box . I sah how he opend it while I got my mail walking by him . So he took off . Next day one of my outside cats come home with a hole in the leg . It look like somebody shot him at least twice . Fluff my cat is ok now , but very skitish now with other people . We were not able to prove it was him , but to this day I think it was him . Also one morning leting Toby my dog outside in the back yard , omg most of my cats were outsite . So I ck the inclosure and the door was open . I know I was the last one out there and the door was shot . I did get all my cats back , it sure was a heck of a morning . Now there is a lock there so there will be no more suprises like that .So what I want to say is , some kids are just mean and like doing that , no matter what kind of background they have . It did not look like that what the next door boy got from the judge changed him or help him at all . As I said he is roaming the streets in the nights now ....sad ....sad ....
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I think the punishment for cruelty to animals should be having done to you whatever you did to the poor animal. There's no excuse. Maybe I could see excusing a 3 or 4 year old, since they might not necessarily understand the difference between their stuffed animals and a real animal. But an 8 year old??????

Yeah. Right. He knew. I don't care where he comes from. I was never abused, but I lived through some very messed-up crap when I was younger, and I NEVER would have CONSIDERED hurting an animal. Never, ever. That makes me so mad. I'd like to beat his butt, personally. And thoroughly. Look, I'm so upset I'm not using proper grammar. Ugh. Darn kid.
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