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Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I'm housesitting my parents place so we are staying here. i brought Fluffy so he would'nt be alone. So what does he do? Jump up on a table after being spritzed with water and knocks over my moms Circle Of Friends Candle holder. Now what? I'm toast! Kittens.....
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First of all, stop squirting your cat with water. It never helps and only creates more problems. If you feel you have to use the water bottle squirt it away from the cat into a diagnol direction in front of Fluffy to redirect her attention. That will move her away from what you are trying to get her away from and it won't scare her or create more problems.
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I've always been told by vets and in numerous cat books that using a squirt bottle is the best way.BTW i don't douse the cat i just use a light spray to get him away from the problem.
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Well one thing I have learned in all the years I have been with my cats is that squirt bottles are not the answer. If you are using one, use it and aim it away from the cat, create a diversion that the prey response will respond to and the cat will go after. You will have a happier cat in the long run. God forbid you accidently get water in your cat's ear too.
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I hope you can find a new "Circle of Friends" candle holder before your mom gets back.
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Dragon- I called my mom and told her. She wasn't too upset,i offered to replace it but it was a gift so it would'nt be the same i guess. I'm not mad at Fluffy,i was just so frustated at the time that it had broke. I realize that he's very young and needs work and Hissy i never spray near his face only by his butt and stuff so his ears are ok but i am always looking for new ideas to try for disclpine of him as i only want the best
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At least he only broke ONE candle holder! Grin.

Within 1 year with my 3 cats, MANY things got broken- 3 lamps , a vase, 2 statues, 3 plants and pots, about 2-4 candle holders AND dragged my clothes and blankets all through the apartment....

How to prevent this from happening again!?

Now, all of my plants are hung instead of being on shelves, the lamps are secured to the walls with "see through" wires so they won't topple OR replaced with lamps that aren't breakable (meaning no glass!), statues, etc are in glass-enclosured shelves so the cats can't get in and so far no more accidents. (knocking on wood!)

However with all these adventures, they sure make my life more interesting! Grin
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and that's what having cats is... a grand adventure.

A cat can make even a small ball of fluf, into the grandest toy!

~ Salem
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Yeah, cats!!!! You have to baby proof your house. You now have a new toddler around but one that can leap and climb, not just crawl.

They do keep life interesting.
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