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I think my blue Persian is in labor!

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She came up to me and clawed the chair I'm sitting in and meowed at me. I gave her a long stroke and felt a very tight belly. It has been tightening and going soft for the last 20 minutes.

Usually by the time I know my kitties are in labor they are nearly crowning. Do cats have Braxton Hicks contractions? (False Labor)

We have set up our Cosy Crate tent and have given her food and water. The soft food is a high calorie Eukanuba vet diet. If she eats any she will be better equipt the labor.

This is her first litter and we had some diffulculty in getting her preggers. She is over 2 so I'm hoping she does well.

I'll post again if there are any babies. I sure need a newborn kitten fix to pick me up after losing Frankie.
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ohhhh good luck!! Can't wait to see pics!
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How exciting! Hope you have babie soon! And can't wait to see those pictures too. Good luck Hon!
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Good Luck Drysi(?)!!!! , I'm not sure about the Braxton Hicks...., Any other questions feel free to ask

Sending Prayers, Look forward to seeing pictures
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Still nothing. I cannot see her straining... so maybe the kitten was just stretching? She is panting, but it is in the ninties outside. I'm just not sure what to do right now. My vet opens at 7:30 so I guess we will have a little visit. She is due on the 16th so she is a little early.

She has been calling and my male has been bugging her so we put her back into the tent. He is circling the tent and can't figure out how to get in. I will have to close him out of the room if he doesn't quit! LOL

He took for ever to get the idea of what to do and now he won't hold back! LOL

Any suggestions?
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Oh how exciting! I hope all goes well and she does great!

My male tries to jump on girls when they are about to pop also. I think they are a lot slower and cant turn around and smack him as fast as the others can.

Good luck with the delivery. Hope you get some beautiful babies!

Kai-U Persians & Himalayans
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Thanks Elizabeth! I'm such a worry wart! I hope they are strong and healthy! Mom keeps going to the litter box and calling me like crazy. She has parked herself next to the fireplace and is laying on the cool tiles.
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How is she Teresa?, I send more good luck!

Love sam
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Thanks Sam!

It has been almost 7 hours with nothing more than panting and crying. No really big straining pushes, no discharge, just the panting and crying....

This is going to make me crazy. She is just laying down and staring at the door wanting out now. Hrmp.

I am going t call the vet first thing in the morning and try to get in to see a vet. One of her nipples has that ring that Rudy had before she lost her kittens. I will see if I can have her put on antibiotics until the kittens come.

If she were straining I would have taken her to the emergency vet by now.

I have all the birthing gear ready and standing by. I just need to get some sleep and be rested for tomorrow.

Ramble ramble blah blah...... ZZZZZZZZZ
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Teresa- Thank you for the update!

I hope she's ok and I hope the kittens don't have FKS that would just break my heart. Yes please go to the vets in the morning, sending calming vibes to Drysi(

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Good luck to her. How is she now. I was in your place 2 weeks ago. My Ginger was in labour too but she was late for her expected date by 2 days. I was ready to take her to the vet when saw her in pain and strain. But I looked for her and found her under a sofa where she had her babies there (she did not use the box I prepared to her as every time). She got us two cute babies one white and one gray. I hope your will get you soon lovely kitten.
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Please post an update! I do believe that cats have braxton hicks, as I'd see/feel an occasional contraction before delivery day with my guys. However, with your cat due in just 2 days, this is a possible time for her to start labor.

You know your gal better than anyone...sometimes panting will be a sign that she is working. Will she let you rest your hand on her side, do you feel regular contractions? I don't know how much more difficult (if at all) it is to feel the uterus contracting when you've got the kind of coat a persian does (my cats were semi-lh). Will she let you check her bottom for show? I'd check for any signs of one of the sacs having broken, for show and the color of it..any greenish discharge would possibly mean both that one sac has broken and that kitten has had it's first stool (meconium)...a sign of distress.

I know that persian kittens tend to have a larger head than other breeds, so if it were me? I'd zip her right in to the vets for an exam.

Pat and Alix P. Curl
(retired from breeding for a few years now)
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The first kitten finally arrived at 6:25 this morning. So far 2 torties and 2 black males. They have been arriving about 23 minutes apart.

Mom is so tired and so am I. We have an appointment at the vet this morning to make sure everyone is OK. *yawns* She is cleaning her babies and huddling to keep them warm.

No dilutes this litter unless she has another one in there somewhere. Maybe when they dry? Oh well, when I get my new male I should have some dilutes this fall or next year.

I hope all these kittens make it. One is already making that clicking noise. I have suctioned him three times just to be sure I got all the fluids.

I'll keep you all in the loop!
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Congratulations! Glad to read mom is doing fine.

Pat and Alix P. Curl
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Vet says everything is OK! Mom is doing mom stuff and kittens are latching on. Whew, hope all continues to go well.
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Congratulations. That is terrific. tell me how do you know the sex of the baby at that time?. I wait till they are 10 days or more to catch them
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How exciting Teresa! Can't wait to see those new little bundles of joy! I bet they are adorable! Keep us posted on any news, ok?
A big Congrats to you and Mommy!
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Teresa- That's great news! Glad everything went ok, I look forward to seeing pictures!
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Teresa, how's those babies? Any pic's yet?
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Yes pix coming up!
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nother one!
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Last one
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The babies are ADORABLE!!!! I think the boys will turn out nice for you. They all have very round heads and you can tell that the first black male is going to have giant eyes.

Good luck with them! Cant wait to see how nicely they develope!

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awwww they are sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!
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AWWWW!!! I just visited this forum for the first time! Congratulations!!!! Awww, some reason, anything giving birth *except maybe in the insect world) is so darn cute and touching at the same time!!! I can't wait to see more pics as they grow!!!
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Thanks guys! I hope they turn out as cute as their half siblings. Check out me website to see my other kittens!
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Very Cute! Please update pictures as they grow!

They look very promising and wishing them good health!

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DragonLady has asked me to post these photos:
Our two Tortiseshell Females:

Our two Black males:

She thinks I don't have enough posts and need to catch up.

I just didn't have much to say....that she hadn't already said...twice.
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Teresa! They are so adorable! I can't wait until I live on my own! I am definately going to adopt a kitten from you!
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