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Saw the League of extrodinary gentlemen and

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I didn't think it was all that great. Did anyone else see it and if so, what did you think? We saw if the first day it came out. Pretty disappointing to me.
Today we are going to see, the Terminator 3. I'll let you know what I thought of it was when I get back. Anyone else see T-3, if so, what did you think?
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I agree, League had its moments, but there were too many glaring errors in it for me to enjoy it. Come on, Mina standing out there in full sunlight? Tom tooling around Venice in the car like he did this sort of thing all the time?

T3 was pretty good, too. Saw Pirates of the Carribean last night, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (and not just for the eye candy ) Johnny and Orlando look like they had a load of fun filming this.
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I liked T-3. I was expecting most of it...advanced Terminator chasing them, ala T-2, so no surprises there. The ending was very unexpected. Some of the destruction scenes kind of bothered me, but I figure that to be that post-9/11, all those special effects don't somehow seem so special anymore. I have seen that brand of destruction in real life.
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I agree, T-3 was good and the ending wasn't what I expected either.
I thought it is all going to be done and over with when they went into the crystal peak. Well now, that's all I'm going to say about that. Dont' want to spoil it for everyone else. I want to see pirates next! eye candy you say? hmm... I might have to go this week.
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I was very disappointed in League, but LOVED Pirates. Johnny Depp was perfect -- he really made the movie. I highly recommend it!

For those who haven't yet seen League, wait to rent it because it isn't worth the money to go to the theater.
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I had a problem with Mina standing out in broad open daylight, too. She was supposed to be a scientist; did she come up with a chemical that would help her withstand sunlight? Maybe that scene ended up on the cutting room floor.

I love Sean Connery, but I would recommend "League" with reservations.

Loved T3! Haven't seen "Pirates" yet. This weekend, might do a double-header---"Hulk" & "Pirates." Don't know yet--my cats get upset if I spend part of the weekend away from them.
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Guess I'm the only one who didn't like T3 I thought it was just such a typical 'shoot em up ,explosion-ridden' movie. I was bored through the whole thing...

Now, Pirates of the Caribbean I'm reeeeeeally looking forward to.
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Nope, Melissa. You weren't the only one. I was thoroughly unimpressed by T3. I still can't believe the reviews were all so good.

Pirates of the Caribbean - HIGHLY recommended!!!! For everyone!
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We're going to watch POTC this weekend at some point I can't wait!!!
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