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Can cats get Lice???

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I know they get fleas...I know they can also give us fleas...Can cats get and spread lice too???
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Yes easily
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What kind of lice? Nearly every animal has some sort of lice. Head lice and body lice could be passed from a cat if they had just been in comtact with the person who has them. Cat's body temp is much higher than ours and the eggs won't hatch or develope properly on them.

You can catch lice traveling in someones car that has head lice, and you sit in their seat. You can get them by sleeping in the same bad as a person with head lice.

Body lice can be contracted by having sex with a person who has them or very rarly by sitting on the toilet seat right after someone with body lice has used it.

To rid yourself of these lice you must wash all clothing, bedding, and stuffed toys in the washer and dry with the dryer. Anything that cannot be washed and dryed should be placed into a plastic bag and sealed with tape for 6 months. Floors should be steam cleaned and then vacuumed daily.

You must get a prescription from your doctor and use it once a week for 3 weeks. Most shampoos with pyrethrins won't work as the lice have built a tolorance to them. Get a shampoo with Malathion as the active ingrediant I think the shampoo is called Ovide 0.5%. It must come from the doctor, not a drug store. The ones you can buy without a prescription DO NOT WORK. Don't waste your money.

DO NOT USE THIS ON YOUR CAT. Just comb the cat with a flea comb. The lice won't stay there long.

Hope this helps,
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Thanks for all your info...I just learnt some things I didnt know
One question though...If a cat spreads them to a human and a human treats theirs...wont the human just get them again? Is there anyway to tell if a cat has them? I always try to make sure I havnt gotten fleas from my kitties...but I just thought about the possibility of lice today. Are Fleas and Lice the only thing that cats can pass to us?

Im going to back after dark. I will reply then.Bye
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You cannot get lice from cats. It will not happen. Our head lice can only be spread by human to human contact, that type of lice cannot live on cats they get a completely different type of lice that humans cannot catch. Body lice is another story, but again, you cannot get that type of lice from cats either.

If you find you ever have lice, you need to buy the special shampoo and you need to wash your clothes all of them. You need to wash your linens as well.
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Lice are species specific. For example, last year my pet mice got lice (brought in by a newcomer mouse) and my cats and my family were NOT in any danger of getting lice from them. only the other mice.
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Thanks guys. Looks like now all I gotta worry about catching from them is fleas
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Tybalt, sooo stylish!! This would give 'Cat Woman' a new meaning!!
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