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Guess what I found

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I am repainting the living room, and moved the big heavy sofa bed today for the first time in a few years. (What, vacuum under there? Nobody sees it!)

There were 16 spongy balls.

Also (and this is really gross), mouse doo doo. Sam's primary job is keeping the mice scared away, and he is doing a good job. But I now know that I have not moved that couch for a long time. Because my little mousie friends who used to share the apartment apparently really liked that space. And there was residue of mouse poison. I just spend an hour on my hands and knees with my new Bissell Little Green Machine scrubbing the carpet to get rid of all of that. eeeewwww.

I also washed the spongy balls. Lucky kitties.
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I know how you feel. I rearranged the living room, in March. Underneath the couch and coffee table, I found 27 satin ball Christmas ornaments. Next Christmas, the little balls are going to the top of the tree.
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that sounds all to well, i take a duster and go under my refidg. and couch every day and find toys, i guess they think when they put them there that the prey got away
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lmao! Every once in awhile I have my bf lift up the couch and there are usually a couple of mice and toys under there too
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So I just went to see what Bailey was up to and she was sitting staring at the big pile of spongy balls. When I arrived she looked up at me and meowed. She had no idea where to start!

Usually they are all at the bottom of the stairs in the morning (that is, the 4 I knew about). Lets see if she uses all 21 of them.

hmmm. 21. I buy them in packages of 4. That would mean there must be at least 3 more somewhere.....
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Yeah... Tell me about it.
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