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Do you know?

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My hubby and I want to put up an outside enclosure for our cats. It is going to be roomy with a grass floor and cut "tree trunks" to climb.

We have been going over ways to trim the grass in the enclosure and I thought we could add a bunny to keep the grass trimmed. The cats and bunny would have access to the house via a cat door. The bottom of the fences would be concrete edging to keep diggers in. There will also be a small bunny house outside for shelter.

I was thinking of getting a small bunny, but now am thinking of a larger one for it's own saftey. Bunnies can be box trained so...

Do you think it would be safe to enclose a bunny with the cats? Will they continue to use a litter box or would they foul the yard? This would, of course, just be a good fertilizer.

Any opinions?
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I wouldn't advise it myself. Simply because if you got a small bunny it wouldn't be able to defend itself in an enclosure it can't get out of.

A larger rabbit could seriously hurt a cat (rabbit kick) and then the cat couldn't get away. If you were just putting them in a yard where both could flee, I would say go for it. But I think in this case, i would just take the cats out every so often and weed eat the grass. Just my $.02 worth having had both rabbits and cats.
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Thanks Hissy,

I've had both dogs and rabbits, but never cats and rabbits at the same time.

I was planning English Lops as they are about 10 pounds at adult size and very mellow. I had one that would come when you called it.

The persians I'm not worried about harming the bunny, it's Mystique. She has always been the Queen of the cats. She is our rescued ferel kitten. She was about 6-7 weeks when we got her. She is 3 now and 12 pounds.

She is the one that taught the others to open the mouse cage to have "interactive" kitty toys. We had a snake and although they never killed any mice, they sure exhausted some to the point they were easy to recapture.

I guess it will be the weed wacker!
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I don't think your cats will mind long grass though... Actually i think they might enjoy it, but i guess your worried about snakes and stuff,,, how about a couple of tortoises. They eat grass (i think) and have a hard shell! So they are protected against curious cats... And you wouldn't really have to worry about bringing them in, unless it gets really cold. you might need to build them a little rock pool though....
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