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Neutered Male

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I have a question about my Dad's cat who I took to the vet to be neutered on Friday, I went to pick him up at 4:00pm as soon as we got home we let him out of the carrier, went to his litter box and smelled like he SPRAYED. Can a neutered cat still spray. I had always heard that once neutered they didn't spray anymore. Before he went to the vet he had never sprayed and my dad has had him about a month he is an inside cat. He is also the only animal in the house.
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It takes a while to have all the testosterone leave the body. I'm sure this behavior will dissapate in time.

Thank you for being responcible and getting this cat fixed and helping keep the cat population under control.
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I have had neutered cats that still stand to urinate. It caused me to get all covered litter boxes. the cat would use the box, but the urine would hit the wall. Now it hits the back of the lid and runs into the box.
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I had a neutred male (he was done when he was 6 months old) and sprayed til the day he passed away..(this pass may)..FOr him it was strickly behavior..Covered litter boxes or not..he eventually never went in the litter box, just sprayed sinks and tubs..and the graduated to walls! we tried two different kitty prozacs (Chlomicalm AND ovaban) that helped curve his urges..

If your dad's cat's spraying is a behavior problem these drugs worked for mine..It didn't completely take it away, but it did control it better..

Hope that Helps..!

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My male cat BK was neutered when he was 17 weeks old.(15 months now) He has never sprayed in the house. As he out grew the litter box I got him a covered litter box and I have noticed as soon as he steps in the box he stands to pee and it hits the side of the box and runs down. Which explains why his pee is always in the same spot in the box when I clean it daily.
So maybe your dads cat has been standing and peeing for awhile and you just noticed it because you were watching him since he just had surgery? The smell will change after a month.
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Luckly he has not done it any more and it has been 3 days now. I guess he may have felt he needed to remark his territory.
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I've read that a male cat may continue to spray if he was spraying before he was neutered. If he's not spraying before neutering, he won't spray after neutering. My Bleu, 14-yo neutered male, has never sprayed! He acts like he's spraying, but nothing comes out.
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