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Picky Eater

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Hi All,
I have a question. I have six month old Bengal named Beepers who will not eat any dry food we have tried her on, which are IAMs and Eukanuba. I dont want to go to store brands. Anyone have any ideas on how we can get her to eat dry food? She eats wet just fine.

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Some cats are just plain picky like that. I know a cat that wont even touch wet food and all it eats is dry. I think kitty should be fine on only wet food but I would look into maybe brushing the teeth since dry food helps get the tartar off their teeth.

Try Nutro.. its another good brand, also Innova.
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Alot of cats really seem to like the new Chicken Soup food. I know mine really loved it. You can even get a 2lb sample bag for $2.00 to try and see if he likes it before you waste money on a larger bag.
If your interested you can check the store locator on their website to see if its available in your area: http://www.chickensoupforthepetlover...tributors.html

I would recommend seeing if you can get some samples of various dry foods to hopefully find one that your cat likes...it wouldnt be a bad thing to feed canned food either if you have to.
Here are some sites that are for canned food over dry if it makes you feel better: (well worth reading)
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Her nern! Thanks for that link. I always hear everyone talk about Chicken Soup but I've never tried it. There's a store 3 blocks from my house that carries it (now that I checked that link) I might try it just for the heck of it.. looks like really good food.
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Your welcome. My cats did quite well on it but I like to rotate foods so I will definately be using it again in the future.
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I just bought a bag today. I love the looks of the ingredients. We'll see if Zoey likes it. Gotta finish up her Nutro bag first
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You could try Royal Canin too!
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Hey nern I just hand fed Zoey a few kibbles of the chicken soup food and she practically inhaled it I'm so glad she likes it
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Hey nern I just hand fed Zoey a few kibbles of the chicken soup food and she practically inhaled it I'm so glad she likes it
Glad to hear that.
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Cats are very fussy eaters, they don't like change one bit. Every little change would upset them. Once you buy kibbles, stick to the brand because it takes them awhile to get use to the kibbles. All my cats are like that. But you can try Max and Science diet, they are prtty good brand. And Royal canine is good, most cats like these kibbles.
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they don't have it here , it is all to far away for me
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Royal Canin makes a formula for fussy cats. It was the only dry food my Harry would eat back in his salad days(now he's on a prescription formula).
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I recently changed my cat's food to the Royal Canin. She really likes it. You might think of trying it. They have a lot of different varieties.
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