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does grapefruit extract really work?

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When we got Winnie and Minnie they were sneezing. I ended up taking them to an emergency clinic, because Minnie sounded so congested that morning. They were diagnosed with a case of URI, and were sent home with amoxy drops, taken twice a day.
I took them to my vet approx. 2 weeks ago for a follow-up. He said to finish up with meds and that they sounded as good as can be.
For the last week or so, they have been sneezing again. I do remember him that when cats have viral infections, they just have to let it run its course. BTW, they tested negative for feline leukemia and the Feline Aids Virus.
They eat and drink fine, and are very active.

I have read on here that people have used grapefruit extract and it does miracles. Would this help them? I have some clavamox pills that Tigger was taking for a URI (which the pills are not expired until next year). I was thinking of breaking a pill into 2, but dont want to do this because I dont know if it would harm them or not. This grapefruit seed extract -- do you put it in the water bowl? And, if so, how much?
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I beleave you put three drops in the week food. I'm buying some this weekend. I sure hope it works. I need all the help i can get.
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Never feed an animal anything not recommended by a doctor, or certified specialist. Grapefruit extract can kill people, would you really take that chance on your cat.

Some seeds(and extracts) are deadly no matter the amount, as are many products- that's why we never experiement on those we love.

Also, never use medicaction in partial form, and never, never, give to another animal, or even the same animal when it was not prescribed. People do this, and they endup killing those they love thinking, if it was good for one, it should be good for another, or if they have leftovers(which they shouldn't have) they can use it later if the same problem occurs...no!...no!...

And yes, many viral problems, like the human cold, must just run their course(if that's all Doctor recommends), but some might require a Doctor to keep watch). They are not bacterias, therefore anti-bacteria meds should never be used- even though in the past they had been prescribed to maske it seem like the Visit to the Doctor had purpose. However, the virus might only be one problem, in which case a prescription might be made by the doctor. So always listen carefully to the Doc, and continue to educate yourself, as we all should, so we can be good caretakes.
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I add three drops of GSE to the cats' water fountain. Phoenix, who will be out of quarantine tomorrow, has been getting one drop in her water bowl. It has been my personal experience that it does seem to help them to shake off colds.

I would be extremely interested to read about deaths attributes to GSE, as this is the first I have ever heard of anyone having a reaction to it. (Other than making a nasty face if they tasted the undiluted extract!)

Incidentally, Google searches for "grapefruit seed extract deaths", "grapefruit seed extract risks" and "grapefruit seed extract hazards" all came up negative.
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I don't think you can call it a miracle cure. It is a NurtiBiotic and it helps stave away harmful bacteria. About it killing people? I wouldn't know about that, hubby and I have been taking 2 drops a day in juice for over 2 years now and we are still alive. All I know is ever since I started putting it in the animals water there have been no URI or other nasty sicknesses in my feral crew, oh and I have my vet's blessings to use the concentrate. I checked with him first and he did a lot of reading up on it on my behalf.

"The USDA has tested grapefruit seed extract and found it to be effective against four animal viruses: Foot and Mouth Disease, African Swine Fever, Swine Vesicular Disease and Avian Influenza. Grapefruit seed extract has been tested and validated by the FDA, USDA, and numerous Physicians. It is safe and non-toxic to both humans and animals."
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Grapefruit is very healthy but there are many documented cases of negative interactions with other medications.




Grapefruit is a large part of my diet too but you should make yourself aware of the possible interaction problems.
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First of all, SaveAnimalsnet,I didnt say I was going to give them the antibiotics... All I did was ask. I am going to call my vet and most likely they will give me something. So, please dont preach to me ....
Second, I didnt mean mircale as in a miracle drug. All I stated was that a lot of you on here say it can help alleviate the symptoms or they have gone completely away. That's what I mean, Hissy I'll ask my vet, too.
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That would be good Tigger, but don't be surprised if your vet scratches his head and goes "HUH?" Mine did, and I just printed out the information available, put it in a folder and handed it to him to read at his leisure. Now he uses GSE to treat some of his patients.
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What site can I go to and get a print out of this research? I would love to give my vet a little something to think about!
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I had three cats with URIs at the same time, and one that got symtoms again in two weeks. I gave them all GSE in their wet food, up to even 6 drops a day, and they all drastically improved in 2 days. One even had a bad eye and the eye creams made it worse, 2 days of GSE and her red and puffiness went away. They have all recovered fully, and no reoccuring symtoms since. Please note though they were also on meds from the vet. amoxy, clavamox, and one needed baytril sp?? (althgouhg he said for two of them I could have skipped the meds, as their discharge was clear)
but I do believe GSE helps give them a boost. It not a cure, but it can help, and from what I have read and heard, not harmful even if taken 3 times the recommended dosage.

keep in mind antibiotics are a must if the dicharge goes from clear to colored.
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I called the vet on Monday, and they gave Winnie & Minnie, and Gizmo clavamox drops. I have already noticed a huge improvement! Minnie is no longer sneezing, or I should say not nearly as much. Everyone's noses have cleared up, and Gizmo's meow is improving.
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