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:bawling: Why are his eyes so red???

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Rich is taking sebastion to the er 45 minutes away.....and I just called to let them know he is coming and they are CLOSED!! How the H*LL can a emergancy vet be CLOSED on a saturday night!!!!!!!!!! Sebastions eyes are sooooooo puffy and I'm worried it is an allergic reaction to the meds he is on, but he needs the meds because he is so stuff. They message says to call the univ. of penn HELLO that is like TWO hours away!!!!!!
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Poor kitty....being closed on sunday does kinda defeat the purpose of being an emergency vet...
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Oh no!!!!! Are there any others?
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Sebastions eye lids are all swollen and red, and his inner eye lid is red. the STUPID er is closed and of course it is saturday night. he is on meds because he has the sniffles and sounds all clogged up, but I'm so worried about him I just want to make him better. He looks SOOO sick. Hubby is taking him to the er right now (he doesn't know they are closed) and he is going to be so upset when he gets home. I should have called to make sure they were open before he left.
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Hubby doesnt have a cell phone?

You're probly right and he had a reaction to the meds. He needs to see a vet.

Good luck Val *hugs*
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cat antihistamines?
do they make cat antihistamines?

if you really can't find a vet, it might be best to keep him quiet for a while...? what medication is he on? maybe you can do a search on the net for that type of medicine and see what the manufacturer says about contra-indications and allergies.

if you think it's an allergy to the meds maybe you shouldn't give him the next dose until the vet sees him... is he still eating?
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no, hubby thinks he lives in the 1920s and he doesn't like cell phones...maybe I will order one online right now!
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he is on the pink stuff that smells like bubble gum. I think it is amaxacillen (that is sooo spelled wrong) Rich took the bottle with him to show the vet. Stupid er!!! What are people supposed to do when an animal is sick if the er is closed
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It is impossible to make a diagnosis over the internet. It could be allergies to food or medicine, it could be feline herpesvirus, it could be cat flu, it could be a cold or an URI. It could be a simple reaction or a viral infection. If his nose has a discharge that is crusty or gummy you have cause to worry. With a stuffy nose the kitten is not inclined to eat, so use warm water and a cotton ball and try to keep the nose wiped and the eyes as well, but don't force the eyes open if they are glued shut. Keep the kittens who are ill isolated from each other and the healthy kittens because URI's are extremely contagious.
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Order one! Life's not bearable without one!!
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He is being kept away from the other kitties. He doesn't have a runny nose really he just sounds stuff and he sneezes :yuck: His eyes just have me soooo worried. They are so red and puffy. I'm hoping they are going to be open tomorrow. What is the point of being an emergancy vet if they are not open??? There is one in my town that is open 9-7 monday - friday

He was eating fine today. I just don't know weither I should give him the meds or take him off until I can find a vet. Does anyone of the right spelling of that med so I can look up allergic reactions?
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Bonnie is in the laundry room
Neo is in the kitchen and living room with moe (he seems to be healthy, I think his eye infection was really just something in his eye)
Sabation is in the "walk through room" and master bedroom.

Nimby, granet, mable, blizzy, stormy, and snowwhite are all back in the kitten room.
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Well, i'm not a vet but if he's still eating and drinking it's bad but it's not SO bad. Right? He should be okay till you find a vet that'll see him. Hang in there.... both of you ...
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Val the side effects for amoxydrops are generally anemia, vomiting and diarrhea
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It could be allergies, or allergic reaction to the meds, or something new on them, in them, or in their world. What kind of meds, and who is the maker? You should call the maker of the medications.

You also should figure out what your cat might have gotten into. Or, was he in a fight. Does he have green snot like puss coming out of eyes?? Could be a scratch on eye, or lid, or even a bacteria infection- but there could be worst things that need to be remedied.

Swelling might not be a good thing. Some cats can also get those problems, if they are in wet areas too long, or even if the box is dirty, ammonia smell. Or even a bad cat litter you're using, or even the fleas stuff you have on them. If you just recently washed them, or put flea poison on them, or in their world, or a collar- then you should get rid of it, and get it off of them quickly.

Allergies can be very serious. Take the unknown things out of their environment. Put them in a place where they can relax.... Did you just recently feed them something new, or different. Some products are very anti-cat... What state are you in? Maybe you have an animal poison center call number. Check your phone book.
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they were in the office. I guess the call center was closed. They gave us stuff to put on his eyes, I'll find the name tomorrow. And said he lungs sound good. I feel alot better now and hopefully he will soon too!
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Val, is it a squeeze tube? They gave us a squeeze tube of Neomycin/polymyxin for Phoenix's eyes, and it worked real well.
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aren't all Emergency vets open all the time? being closed is silly. then how can it be called an emergency vet?
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I agree with Barb.... They souldnt call themselves an ER then. I hope little Bast gets his eyes looked at soon!! Poor baby.
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That Sucks Val!!!!!!!!! ,I'm so sorry I hope Bast is alright!

Sending Prayers!!!!
Love Sam.
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I am glad it is just a cold Val. Keep him warm and isolated from the others and give him all the medicine the vet gave you, even if he looks like he is getting better.
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Yeay ... Glad you're feeling better now.

Cell pone. Cell Phone. Cell Phone....
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Val, how is Bast doing this morning?
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yeah, how is poor Bast doing??
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His eyes are still soooo puffy. i will have to take a pic. He looks so sad Rich said all the nurses fell in love with him He has gel stuff for me to put on his eyes. I hope he gets better soon, I know he misses playing with the other babies.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Val, is it a squeeze tube? They gave us a squeeze tube of Neomycin/polymyxin for Phoenix's eyes, and it worked real well.
Yep it is a squeeze tub. It looks like vasline.
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Sounds like the stuff we had to give Phoenix. It took a week, but her eyes are clear and bright again, no gunk coming out of them. Good luck, Sebastian!!!
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Whew, I'm glad it wasnt closed Val!!!
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