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You have a 88 mustang!! (i was just looking at your site ) My hubby would be in love with you Hubby has an 1987 mustang GT stock named samantha. She is his babyyyyyyyy. Needs to be restored really really bad. I love that car, I swear it has a personality. On our first date it got mad and all the tires went flat the mustang doesn't like chevy's and has been know to bet vets. Hubby has given up street racing at my request. Just wanted to share
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Ya!!! Tell him he rocks! And if he wants a good Mustang forum here it is:


I loveee my car.. I've had it forever. I get a lot of attention too since I'm a girl.

Check out my license plate frame..

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that is too cool!!! I can't drive stick good so I don't drive his much When we started dating his dad had a 89 lx, he had his 87 gt and his mom had a 93 gt convertable. They are a mustang family for sure!
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Mine is an automatic Dont tell him that though lol
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I would love an auto!! I had a subaru svx for alittle while. that car was wayyyyyy to sporty for me! Now I have a 2000 vw beetle that is my kinda car I get in trouble driving the really fast ones!
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I can drive a stick if I had to but I prefer an automatic because I smoke and other things like to keep my hands free.
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