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Nellie has lost her Meow!

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Miss Nell keeps trying to say something, but nothing comes out. Is it possible for a cat to get laryngitis? She usually talks up a storm . She was fine this morning, but silent in the evening. Any ideas?
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I have never really looked for info on this one. I do know it happens though. I have a cat who does this on occasion. After ahwile she just starts talking again.
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My Loki has done this from day one. He opens his mouth as though he would be saying something but nothing comes out. Or this is what I call his Marikyn Monroe impression he opens his mouth and he utters the most breathy meow I have ever heared. This morning while he was looking out the screen door onto my back porch a sound came out of his mouth which I can't even describe. He suprises me every day with new sounds.
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My kitten does this all the time, but only when I yawn or open my mouth without saying anything. Its almost like she's trying to immitate me. Its cute
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As far as laryngitis goes, yes it's possible! My cat, Squirt, was lost for 2 weeks about 3 years ago. When I found him, he had the worst case of laryngitis! Whenever he meowed, he sounded like a dolphin! It took a month for him to get his voice back!
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Nellie has started meowing a little now and then. It's really just a small squeak, but I'll take what I can get. If she'd just rest her voice for a few days, I think she'd be fine, but she keeps trying to force her vocal cords to work.

On a happy note, Grey loves the peace and quiet.:tounge2:
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My new kitten Riley (because she leads the life of Riley at MY house!) has laryngitis. She was rescued after she had fallen behind boxes in our garage. I'm not sure how long she was there crying but ever since then.....she only has a squeek instead of a meow. At first I thought she might just have a sore throat but it's been over a month and still nothing. My previous cat was a real "Talker" so it's seems so strange for little Riley to be so silent. I'm not sure if her voice will EVER come back but I love her all the same!
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Riley sounds like a little doll! As I posted earlier, my older cat, Squirt, a true talker, had a month-long bout of laryngitis after being lost for 2 weeks.

But my younger cat, Joey, sounds a lot like Riley. He has never really meowed in his whole life! His talking amounts to not much more than some squeaking. I think it might be a bit louder if he actually opened his mouth, but he rarely does so. His little squeaks melt my heart every time I hear them!
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My darling kitty, Chippy, he is 13 now, but ever since he was a kitten, he opened his mouth with only a silent meow. Very, very rarely does a slight meow with sound come up. I guess he was born like that. Hope your kitty just has a light cold that is gone quickly.


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My cat loses her meow too sometimes. Actually, a silent meow is different. It's just a characteristic of some cats. But my cat, who is usually very vocal, all of a sudden couldn't seem to meow anymore. All that came out was a high-pitched squeak! It was actually kind of funny, but I was also concerned. I tried looking everywhere for something about this, but never heard it mentioned until now. Gradually, she sounded like herself again. I was afraid she had a tumor or something, but now she's fine. I guess it's nothing to worry about.
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Riley continues to have a squeaky meow but that's part of her charm. The Vet said she may never regain her full voice but it doesn't hurt her and that's all that REALLY matters.

I continue to carry on a running conversation with her when I'm at home and she listens but doesn't have much to say.......what more could you ask for in a friend!

Midnight Bride.....I hope your kitty is fine but I know we tend to worry about our "babies". It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "has the cat got your tongue?", doesn't it!
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Nell meowed more today, but she still isn't as chatty as before. I wonder if she is ever going to be back to normal. Maybe she's just getting more mature....or maybe she realized that I am an absolute dunce that will never learn to speak properly despite her best efforts to teach me.:tounge2:
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