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Will this day ever end?
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This day has gone by v e r y s l o w. I feel like I'm being dragged down by the heat.
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I just got through eating some Pepperoni Pizza from Papa Johns that I ordered online. And right now, I am on my puter posting here at TCS.
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Getting ready for work, eating breakfast and surfing the forums. Don't you think having to be at work at 6 a.m. everyday is waaaaay too early?????
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I have a major headache, Do you think it could be because of the gas heater?

I have just finished eating brekfast- Vegemite On Toast/ Peanut Butter on Toast/Hot Milo and am watching my fave show

I'm going to the Hairdressers in an hour!

I'm about to take my cat to the vet as well........
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Wellingtoncats...What's your fave show?
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just sitting here eating popcorn. You?
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Sherral!!!! You made me hungry for popcorn and I don't have any here!!!!
Shame on you!!!!
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I am so sorry!
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I could send you some! Not! It would get cold& icky!!
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That's ok, I'll just have some of this 0 calorie cyber-popcorn!!

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Ya the stuff I just ate has loads of calorie's!
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holding my son who just woke up, posting here and paying off an e-bay item i won no popcorn though, skins of kernals get stuck in my gumlines, but I will make another pot of yummy mint coffee
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posting again!
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I'm currently posting here and signing off here!!! Good night to everyone on this side of the world and good morning to the other side of the world!! See ya tomorrow! hugzz to everyone!
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Suraya. My fave show is Shortland Street, I don't think you have it over there!
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holding my son while he sleeps and posting in the wrong thing!! oops! Anyway, viewing and posting and too lazy to get up and get another cup of java!! Arrgh!!!
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I am so bored~~~~~~!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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And tired~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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I'm eating a piece of cheese and reading the new posts on Sherral's thread. (And posting too, of course!)
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I'm back here after fighting with my %&$#@*> computer for about a month!!!! MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW

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welcome back! wobered where you were! They can be a pain,but what can we do without them?
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