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coprophagia in cats??

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Was wondering if anyone knew if cats can "suffer" from coprophagia? We have 2 cats (2 yr. old female and 11 month old male... both fixed). We keep the 2 litter boxes in the furnace room (out of dog's reach) and the basement is a cluttered mess. We've noticed that some days, only one box has been used, or both have been, but very little. Some days, we only find urine, and no poops (for lack of a better term! ) I mentioned this to my coworker (I work in a vet clinic), and she said some cats will eat their feces... Is that possible? Or are the cats trying to get us to clean up the basement? we haven't seen or smelled anything that should be in the box... but isn't.
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According to this website the answer is no but then I found another site that said copraphagia is common in dogs but rarely seen in cats. So I guess its possible.
Quoted from site:
"If stool is available, a puppy prone to coprophagia may be tempted. Some dogs appear to enjoy this activity, which makes it all the more repugnant to their owners. This behavior does not occur in kittens or cats, perhaps because of their instinct to cover or bury waste and their more selective eating habits."
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I would be inclined to get the cats into your clinic for a checkup and make sure there isn't another reason for no litter pan activity.

It is very common for dogs to want to eat cats waste. Cats are gulpers and do not digest their food properly. The stool is almost pure protein when it is passed and highly desirable to dogs.
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