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Frankies Garden

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Frankie is gone and I just don't know what to do with myself.

I have decided to make him a memorial garden of light and rainbows. We have a huge bay window in my front room that faces west. I plan to hang crystals in this window so every evening I will have a rainbow garden to remember him by.

As time goes by the garden will grow crystal by crystal. I am going to make sure that every kitten I sell I will add a crystal. Any time I can afford to add, I will. I'm hoping my family will want to help this garden grow.

Thank you to all who have visited Frankies thread and held him in your hearts and prayers. I think he held on as long as he did because of all of your love.
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That's a lovely idea Teresa!

I'm glad your here. I really miss Frankie, I felt like I knew him, I'm really sorry what happened, Frankie has lots of people that love him.

Sending Prayers for you and your family honey!!!!

Love Sam.
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What a beautiful tribute, Teresa. Frankie will never be forgotten.
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It is a lovely tribute, Teresa. I just brought myself up to date, and I'm so sorry. I think the crystal garden idea is beautiful.

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Teresa, I have been following your thread about Frankie in the Health and Nutrition forum, but not posting much. I am so sorry about what happened to him, and I think your memorial garden of light and rainbows will be a beautiful tribute to his memory.
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What a beautful idea.Frankie can see it. I know.And he know's you loved him.
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That is such a wonderful idea. I'm sorry about the little guy
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The garden idea is great, I just caught up with what's been going on. I am so sorry to hear about Frankie. You really did all you could for him, and he knows that. He will look at the garden from wherever he is and remember how much you cared.
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That's a really nice idea.

So sorry for your loss.
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I just read the Frankie thread, and I am so so so sorry.
Bless you for showing him love during his short time on earth - that will not be forgotten.
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I think your idea is a wonderful one.

I'm going to move this to our bridge forum so you can continue to get the proper condolences on Frankies loss there.
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Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear about Frankie. I was really rooting for him. Now I feel very sad. Your idea for a memorial sounds lovely. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I will post photos when I hang the first three up and sparkling!
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Teresa, I've not been at the Cat Site for several days, and therefore I must've missed baby Frankie's crossing, and your post about it. He was such a special little chap - and being a red persian, made him extra-special in my eyes (love 'em).

I am so truly sorry that the beautiful baby has gone. He was a darling with such character and strength and I really, really thought he was pulling through. I think you and your family did everything humanly possible to help him get better, but he obviously ran out of energy. Poor little thing.

I'll go now, as I can't stop crying thinking about him. I think your tribute is touching and relevant, and I KNOW he will appreciate it and all you ahve done for him, looking down from his own fluffy cloud I look forward to seeing a picture of the crystals.

Lots of love and stay strong.
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Thanks every one. I know Frankie is going to take the time to visit each of you that have been rooting for him.

Let me know if you think he has been there. He was such a tiny little guy.

Your kitties will let you know he is there.

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Teresa, that sounds like a beautiful tribute to little Frankie. I'm sorry you lost him... I know how hard you worked to try to make him well again.
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I am so sorry about Frankie...and I am so sorry I wasn't here to hear the whole story of what happened. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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