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Awful Kids.....Poor Kitty and one Good Kid!!!!!!

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These are two stories about two teenage boys in NS....How can they do such stuff?????



It doesn't say in the second site that the boys who did it were the ones who caused the train wreck two years ago.

I think those two kids need some help....not quite sure what, but something!!!
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Somebody has to do something!!!!
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Doesn't anyone realize these 2 kids are criminals? Why are they still walking around when they keep doing crimes?
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14 and 16 - and they already sound incorrigible. I agree - something should be done before they end up killing somebody. Maybe one of those nasty "boot camps" they have in the U.S.?
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WHY were these kids walking around, free to terrorize the neighborhood? It appears that the "punishment" for derailing that train amounted to shaking a finger and saying, "Naughty, naughty."
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If either one of them were my kids,I swear to everything holy that they would receive a butt whippin they'd NEVER forget! they'd also be grounded until the apolocyse!
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Heh, if they were to do ANYTHING like that to one of my cats, try to break into my car/home, vandalize my property, or pull a knife on me.

Well, let's just say that those two boys would spend a long time thinking about how they should not have messed with someone else's property/animal/ or just that person.

Craig read this and he said "I don't care if those boys are underage, if they had pulled a knife on me on my property I'd kick the a$$."

This is stunning. I can't believe these two are free to roam the streets.
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That boy Sam is a good one!
Brave enough to stand up to those terrors, smart & kind enough to save the cat!

Those other two have demonstrated quite clearly that they cannot be a part of our society. Underage? If they're old enough to harm innocent creatures and cause destruction, they're old enough to be in prison!
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I have to ask the blatantly obvious question....

Why does it seem that the mother is trying to get sympathy for her boys? That train derailment was a serious crime. The train was carrying 123 people at the time and it was extremely lucky that only 24 people were injured. And these injuries included broken bones and a punctured lung. He has to write a report about rail safety??? What about regard for human lives? What about responsibility for one's actions????? I suppose these issues don't matter as long as rail safety is addressed.

And after a quick search on the internet, some more information.
The boy was sentenced to six months in a youth detention centre after pleading guilty to mischief causing endangerment to life by tampering with a rail switch. The original charge was wilful damage to property endangering life. Plea bargaining at work again.

So...six months for the mayhem he caused with the train derailment, I do wonder what he will be punished with for animal cruelty.
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