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Secret's out - I've got munchkin kittens

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As everyone knows I am in the AACE judging program - one of my requirements is that I breed a grand champion. I co-own a black and white long hair munchkin - her name is Champion Culi Fumo Wibi Shate (Cute little furry monster with big sharp teeth). Fumo hates being shown so she retired real early in her career - she drew blood on a couple of the judges. But now, she has two babies and they are 8 days old - one is a long legged dilute cream torti and the other is a male blue and white standard munchkin. Now that I know they have made it through that first week I am announcing them - I have not named them yet. The female torti will be placed as a pet when she is about 10 weeks old - hopefully the munchkin will be good enough to show. I won't know for another 12 weeks or so. I will take pictures within the next two weeks and ask Sandie to post them for me (someday I will learn to post them myself). I will also let you know when they have names. At one time you had to breed a long hair and a short hair breed to grand champion, but that has changed to just one - however, I am also going to have Abby babies sometime this year too - if both litters have a show quality kitten, I will fulfill the old standard. There is so much to learn in genetics that I felt this was necessary. I am very excited and it is qutie a coincidence that both Sandie and my kitten are blue and white!
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ummm, as I'm not familiar with different breeds and all the terminology, I think I missed something. blue and white? could you explain this to me please?

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In the world of showing cats there are no such colors as orange or gray. Blue and white is gray and white. There are many color diffrences, but the orange and gray seem to be the most common.
I am dying to see Culi Fumo and her babies!!!
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Dearest Rene,
Wish you success and am really glad for you!! I am now reading a book on cats and there's a huge section on breed. I love the fairy names they give to colours - like my favourite is a flame point- sounds fascinating.
Keep my fingers crossed Rene and can't wait to see the babies!
By the way Abyssinian (sp?) is one of my favourite breeds
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Congradulations Gram! Can't wait to see the babies!

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Congrats Rene on the new babies. Keep us posted on their story. I love hearing about the lives of show pets. Hope to see pics soon!

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can't wait to see photos!
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It looks as if the tortie is a long legged and the blue and white has short legs.
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The blue and white
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The tortie
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Oooooh, Sandie they are sooooooooooooooooo beautiful, they are perfect such wondeful babies. Simply adorable!!!!!
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Oooooh, Rene they are sooooooooooooooooo beautiful, they are perfect such wondeful babies. Simply adorable!!!!!
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Sorry for this mess - I'm so absent minded today and my Internet is sooooo slow. Please forgive me
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Thanks for the pictures. I haven't gotten over to Rene's yet to see them. I can't wait to see them in person. They look adorable!

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The babies are doing great and Culi Fumo seems to be almost friendly. She came running up to me this evening when I had her dinner, but then she bit me! How can such a pretty little munchkin be so snotty? The kittens are real cute though - I have been handling them a couple of times a day - I am excited that I will be on vacation next week - I can play with Sugar and Myst and socialize the two munchkin kittens. I believe the females name will be "Littlepaws Merrick" since Merrick is a witch and vampire and she is a tortie so... I need a cool name for the boy though - a show name. Any suggestions? My cattery name is Littlepaws so it would be Littlepaws ------
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Wow! They are so cute!

As for names, I've just re-read Tolkien's "Lord of The Rings" so how about Littlepaws Gloin? That's the name of one of the noblest dwarves there.
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