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Pepsi is on sale at Walmart for $3.88 for 24 can's!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That's a really good deal,right?

BUT who would buy the nasty stuff anyyway??
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I am a pepsiholic
Wonder if it is on sale here too?
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Ya thats a good price!
Hemonine RUN to your Walmart and see!!!!fj
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Bite your tongue, Sam, Pepsi is great!!!!
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Run Sue and get some!
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Pepsi is gross, should be fed to the ducks

where as coke , NOW that's a different story
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Sammy do I have to come over and spank your butt,for talkig to your elder's that way?
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Ok I will say no more!
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Be good girl!
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I'm with you! Coke was 79 cents for a 2 liter last week. I think it is Pepsi products now...Bleeeek It was on sale at Walgreens and that is only 2 blocks from home.
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HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa Teresa & I and our flat-faced terrors over rule you pepsi lovers, mwahahahah
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LOL, Sorry that I scared ya
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Code Red Mountain Dew
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