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Food choices again

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I have been on a quest for a good quaily wet cat food without corn or by products. I bought 3 different brands to test and see what they like best, or if they like it all will just buy the 3 brands and cover all bases. I will list what I bought and wonder if any of you use any of these for your cats. Pet Gold, Max Cat, and Nutro Natural Choice. They are about 79 cents a can and I will rework my budget because I want them healthy and to be with me a long time as possible. Linda
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I finally settled for the Maxcat weight loss formula, and Nutro Gourmet, with the Natural Choice (the one in the pouch) as a treat from time to time. I think that they do better with one consistent brand. Since I started them on these food choices, I have found that they eat less. So there must be more filling ingredients in there somewhere.

The choice that settled it for me was not that there was less corn (filler), but that the moisture added back in was meat juice, not just water. So there should be more nutrition, that's my theory.
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In the past I have used Nutro Max and Nutro Natural Choice and my cats liked them....they did not like either of those in the dry formulas though.
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Why not add a dry "premium" quality cat food to their diet like Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul. It is an excellent food that can be bought in "trial" bags in the 2 pound size for only $2.00. It has "5" protein sources in it. That is only $1.00 a pound. My three cats inhale the stuff.
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Zoey likes her Nutro max cat wet food and Nutro natural dry food I plan to keep her on that till infinity. I think its really healthy and not so expensive.
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My kitties get Solid Gold dry food. They like Nutro Gourmet, Innova, Felidae and Natural Balance wet foods. I love Nutro wet foods, they smell so yummy! They have a "real meat" smell to them. My kitties love the Seafood and Tomato Bisque and Savory Hunter's Stew with Duck flavors!
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I feed Max Cat wet food to my guys. That's exactly why I buy it because it has no corn or by products. I am also switching them over from IAMS dry to Wellness dry for the same reason.
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