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Well, I got up early this morning, and was rather hungry. It just so happens that I had some stuff for breakfast (and a healthy one to boot).

So for the first time in forever, I cooked a nice breakfast for Craig and I. We had scrambled eggs with tomato and cheese topped with a teaspoon of salsa. Cuts of cucumber, and one piece of celery with cream cheese.

Because I'm on the atkins diet, I had one piece of bacon.

It was delicious. But now.. I have dishes to do.
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That sounds like a pretty intersting breakfast....I had chips
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I'm having coffee
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I had my usual, hot chocolate and ginger snaps. I know ugh but don't knock it till u try it
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Mmmmm Sounds yummo! Cass

I haven't had breakfast yet
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We visited my brother & his family yesterday and they live in a really posh neighborhood. We stopped at a really upscale supermarket called Whole Foods. Gary bought us some Irish Bangors (a sausage). We had those for breakfast this morning. WOW!!! What a treat!!!
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I love cooking breakfast! The apartment always smells SO nice once the toast is toasted and the sausages are on the stove!!! YUMMMMMMM
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