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Kitten getting mauled and seems to love it,

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but Mom (me) is having daily heart attacks. We have a 2 year old named MorningGlory, who was really not so sure she wanted a new roomie. Well, TuckerGur (9 weeks) is a spunky little boy and has won her over. However, it seems Glory has forgotten that she's in another weight class and will all-out pounce, pummel, bite and wrestle with Tucker. I have not heard him utter one little squeak yet, and he's coming back for more, so I am guessing this is OK? It looks so violent!!! No blood or gored insides yet, and they seem to hate to be separated. I'm too squeamish to watch them though! (Hubby doesn't like it either, but he has a stronger stomach than me.)
I need someone to let me know they've had this kind of mismatch before and everyone lived. (My past experience with introducing new kittens has been one of hissing and disdain and finally sleeping together. This is new!)
Thanks for a quick reply. Glory is knocking at the door to be let in!
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As long as they are just making a lot of noise and no blood is shed, I would let them sort it out. I went through that with my girls recently, and no one got hurt. If the little one keeps coming back for more, she must not be really hurting him. They are probably just establishing a pecking order. I know it's scary, but it is usually ok.
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It may not even be a problem with the pecking order. I have a 1 year old, and a few 3 month old kittens. Now my baby gir Vagabond (the 1 year) will pounce full force on these kittens rolling them around, and generaly being a big pain in the butt.

She's never drawn blood just like your girl, but one thing I do know is that Vagabond would never intetionaly hurt any of my little fur babies. I have a theory that it's just them having fun. Cat's squeek when wrestling, when it get's to intense. They squeek to let the other cat know that their hurting them.

Usualy they break it up shortly. Um your 2 year old, did he spend time with other kittens when he was youner? because he may be doing this because he hasen't been able to do it as a kitten.

As long as there is No blood, No marks, and No growling/squeeking going on, it's harmless.

Hope that helped.

~ Salem
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I'm going through the exact same thing as you. My new 12 week old, Bella, arrived last week and my 11 month old, Boo, is terrorizing her, although Bella seems to like it. I, like you, am having a nervous breakdown worrying that Boo plays too rough - mostly because she is twice Bella's size. As everyone else has said and as I am doing, I'm letting them go at it. When Boo goes too far Bella usually cries out and Boo stops and within 10 seconds Bella is right back after Boo as if she likes being bullied. Good luck and let me know how it goes.
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Thanks so much for the input. I was really relieved to read that this is not a bad situation. What Salem had to say about Glory not having playmates at a kitten was interesting. Glory was a feral kitten when she came to my parent's lake home. We strongly suspect that either one parent, both or her siblings are still in the area because a little more than a year later my parent's found a kitten who was several months old (Kiki) who has Glory's markings and colours down to a tee. My point is that it is likely that Glory's littermates were with her until they were weaned and that she had them as playmates. However, she hasn't had any since then, with the exception of Kiki for a month last summer. They did play rather roughly and chased each other from one end of the house to the other, but they were much closer in age and weight.
For now, with this information, we'll just grin and bear it. Thanks much for your replies!

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I have a similar but turned around situation. I got the kitten first the "lucked" in to the momma. By the time momma came, they had forgotten each other. She is not sure she cares for him but he seems to enjoy pouncing on her and biting her on the back of the neck. I wish she would really "tell" him off so he would settle down. She yeowls at him but he doesn't quit. When he gets too rough, she gets up and leaves. Guess he isn't hurting too much...lol
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If the adult cat was seriously angry, the kitten would be rolling on its back and being submissive, rather than coming back for more fun. You are very fortunate that they are playing so hard at such an early time of introduction! Kittens play hard, and usually bring out the kitten in an older cat. Let them have fun!

I've seen my Muddy-guy (12 weeks, 3.5 pounds), jump on the neck of Tigger (6 years, 18 pounds), wrap his arms around him and bite him hard. Tigger is actually afraid of his lack of size and pins him down with one arm. This is normal!

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