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litter litter everywhere...

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Originally posted by hissy
Is you cat happy with the litter? One way to tell is watch as he digs in it, the more he digs and the more the litter flies, the happier the cat is.
Urraco and Jarama must be VERY happy... I find litter all over the bathroom end of our room constantly. Have to vaccum the carpet there at least once a week. Nightly I have to use toilet paper to pick up various extra's that have been tossed out to the carpet. Obviously not laid there but tossed out after the fact...

My concerns are that this might be a sign of needing more room for the litter boxes ? Or perhaps this is just something they could be doing during play/digging ?

They have not had a bowl movement outside the boxes so I doubt it's a health thing but they're still waiting for an appointment to see the vet about Urraco's peeing issues, so we'll have that professionally ruled out soon I hope.

In the "Inappropriate Pooping Issues" thread, you also mentioned using perhaps a Rubbermaid underbed storage container as a litter box ? I love that idea... gives them alot of "real estate" to use... however, where in the hell would one put such a litter box ??

Me and the kittens basically have 1 mid sized room, with adjoining bathroom, to make a home out of. I'm trying to find the best way to get them the largest surface area for their litter, while a) not compromising anyone's evironment health wise, and b) not trying to take up cherrished floor space. Currently they have the entire under area of the sinks as litter area. It's about 2 foot tall under there, and about 2 x 3 foot surface area. I fit 2 large litter boxes from Petsmart under there for them, cleaned daily.

Anyone else had to make special space accomodations for their kitties ? I'd love to hear ideas. I'm starting to think the peeing and pooping issues (mainly Urraco) are due to space constraints.
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Hi Elecmo,

Get a high walled Rubbermaid storage thingee. Works great for my kitties. In general cats usually kick around either for the fun of it, to make sure "everything" is covered, cuz they don't like the texture, or maybe cuz they don't like sharing and are looking for a clean spot.

My recommendation is to get a second box, and make both boxes the high wall kind. And even if they are both perfectly healthy and have no litterbox "issues" cats often just like to make a lot of sand fly . . .lucky us
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In the place I had before I put the rubbermaid storage container under my bed. The cats had plenty of room to get in and out of it and at night I just pulled it out and put it in the other room- plus kept it very clean in the meantime.
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Crystals litter doesnt track much at ALL !
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