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hmmm I could have sworn I never had kids LOL

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I swear cats are just like kids!!

Bonnie (the sick kitty that babies past away ) is on the yellow meds that smell like banannas .75ml twice a day.

Sebastion is on the pink meds that smelly like bubble gum .50 ml twice a day.

and Neo is getting two eye drops (yea, he has claws!! I try to get two in but I want to keep my eyes! ) every 4 - 6 hours

i feel like I have a bunch of sick babies! I guess I do

Bonnie is feeling sooooooo much better already. She is being all cuddly and licked alittle bit of food! Poor sebastion looks so sick. His eyes are all puffy and he is all stuffed up. Neo is looking alot better. His eye isn't even runny anymore. Hopefully the crew will stay get healthy and stay that way!!
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Glad Bonnie is feeling better! Hope everyone gets well soon. Hang in there Mom!
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Sending get well soon vibes to all your babies.

Cats are like kids, did you ever notice if something is on the floor, it's in their mouth next? Faile loves to eat whatever she finds, so I'm constantly grabbing her and checking it's nothing bad. It's usually little bits of paper or cat fur.
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You are right they are like kids sounds like you have your hands full, just be carefull I would hate to read on here that you got your eyes scratched

I hope all of your babies get to feeling better soon
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Good luck with the meds, Mommy! Glad to hear the kids are doing better.
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Sounds like sick babies...But glad Bonnie is feeling better though!
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poor sebastion's eyes are soooo puffy We are keeping him away from all the other kitty's and he is so sad because he really loves neo
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aww..maybe give him something with Neo's scent for him to sleep with or lay on..maybe it will help him feel better...
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Sounds like you have your hands full. You're doing a great job though
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LOL, Val! I'm not laughing because the kids are sick, obviously... just your description of the situation. It's so true!!!!! We've used the banana smelling meds, before - but we never had bubblegum. We had orange-smelling stuff... which I don't get, because cats hate citrus, right?

Hope everybody's feeling better soon!!!!!!!

Hugs to all (including mom!)

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My vet said they should really make them tuna or beef flavored Poor sebastions little eyes are sooooo runny. Hopefully the meds will clear it up. If not he goes back to the vet on thrusday anyway.
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I know just what you mean about them being like kids. I have one in my bedroom that is on amoxicillin, the bubble gum stuff and one on the other end of the house that has been sick with the diarrhea. I have 9 and my daughter just moved back in with 3 of hers.(The little on with the diarrhea is hers) Its a mad house around here trying to keep the sick ones away from the well ones and lots of handwashing and stuff to make sure no one gets what the other one has. It's tiring sometimes but worth it!
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I don't have kids....*phew. But it's like that with our three cats too.
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