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Hello Again!

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[b][size=3][color=purple]Hello everyone...Oscar and I thank you for the warm welcomes! I do have pictures of Oscar,and hopefully soon I will have them up for all to see.
I also have a concern about my little,well I should say big boy Oscar. And that is his weight,Oscar will be 4 yrs old on the 23 of this month and he weighs in at 15lbs. He is on the highest diet food but Oscar has what the vet calls "the Apron" it's a little belly that hangs kinda low....he is an indoor cat and I know that has alot to do with it. He loves to play and gets excercise but can't seem to lose it.He is not fat fat but it's just that little pouch. I feel so bad,some people tell me maybe he is just a "big cat" in which he is ,Oscar is not a small cat. Oscar is very happy and funny....it just worries me about the weight thing,wit hte heart problem and diabetes...the et told me to give him one cup of food for Oscar a day and that's it. But he lovs to eat and he eat's alittle more than a cup.I wish I knew Oscar's breed or what him mother and father were like in size.....does anyone have any advise ,I sure can use all I can get...thank you
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Hi I have a kitty named Oscar too. My other cat Sammycat has the apron thing also. I have to call him chunky, he will get mad at you if you call him fat

Anywho Welcome to the boards
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welcome I'm sure you will love it here!
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Hi again! I'm going to move this thread to the Heath & Nutrition where our experts can help you out with Oscar's poochy tummy.
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One of mine still has that pouch even after he lost the weight he needed to. It doesnt seem like it will ever go away. I can't say for sure, but a whole cup of food seems like way to much to me even for a large cat. Some of mine are really large as well and without canned food they eat about 1/2 cup daily...with canned food they eat even less. I guess it would really depend on how active the individual cat is and how calorie dense the food is.
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