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Abused No More

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Pretty Kitty came to us a few years ago through the woods in the back yard. At first, she would not let us touch her. She was very unhappy, skinny, and afraid, but I could tell she wanted to be loved. It did not seem she had experienced very much of it. We kept working on getting her trust. It was obvious that she had been being abused. My guess is that is was by a man, judging from her actions. She is still jumpy around men. For a while, when we raised our hand up to pet her she would flinch and just press her self against the ground as if she was terrified that we were going to hit her. It took a long time, but I got her to the point where she trusts me and most of my family. She seems to trust me more than anyone else. She no longer runs or gets scared of us. She still flinches every once in a while, but I'm sure she knows that we would never, ever, ever hit her no matter what. Since she came to us, she has had a son who is now grown (they are still very close), we had her fixed, she gets meals regularly, she has her rabies shot every year, she gets constant attention that she is always craving (she loves laying in my lap), and she is now very loved. She didn't have all this before. I just wish she could have found us sooner. You can tell by looking at her now that she is happy. She looks like she is smiling up at me with a love look of happiness in her eyes.
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that's so great of you to take her in like that! You've just gained one of the best friends you'll ever have in your life there. I have two ferals that I brought in and they are more loving then the tabby and abby I have. they are really skittish around people, but slowly, they are getting better.
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Lisa, what a wonderful life you have given Pretty Kitty. Barb is right, you will probably never have a better friend than her.
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Good for you! Hi kitty!!
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I'm soooo glad you took this kitty in!!!
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