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I'm munching on a warm choc chip cookie , MMMmmmmmmm they are so good!!

What are ya'll doing RIGHT now?

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I'm watching the Simpsons! :homer:
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I miss those Griffins Chocolate Chippies - I used to spread butter between 2 cookies

Im not eating right now Its time for bed in a minute, I got a party to leave at 7am for.
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envying you for having a warm chocolate chip cookie and looking at the latest catteries that just listed on Meowhoo.
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LOL Simpsons that used to be my fave show

Ian(Step-dad) & Jess(step-sister) made the cookies, I was too lazy sitting here on the comp

Mmmmmm Griffins CCC(Choc-Chip-Cookies), yummo!, I like superwines Best

Nice, Mary-Anne

Have a good party Kellye!

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Mmmmmmmmm...Warm Choc Chip Cookies

Now I want one
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LOL Woops I didn't start off this thread to tease everybody LOL

If I could I would give you all one

*races off to have another cookie*
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Gimme all yer cookies or else!!!!

crunch crunch
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mmmm cookies!!

Well i just put drops in neo's eye, gave sebastion the pink bubble gum smelling meds and gave bonnie the yellow bananna smelling meds
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Well, I ate a sub at work (surprise surprise! lol) at 7, so I wasn't really hungry, but I had to make turkey turds last nite (not there real name, I don't know what it is! But they are good!), so I was eating them. And now I'm hungry again...so I might have to find something else to eat. Not quite sure what tho....
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I'm watching the news and getting ready for bed. Peaches is laying on the bedside table with her chin propped up on the alarm clock. She looks funny and I'd take a picture but I'm out of film and don't have a dig.
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Mom bought Oreo cookies (the new mint ones) and cremewiches.....weird, she never bought them before...oh well. I'm gonna eat them anyhow!! lol
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Everyone's having a good day! Yay!!!!

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I'm drinking lemon drop shots and eating bread
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trying to figure out what I am going to eat for lunch..
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Taking kitty quizes with our son.
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I just woke up, still half asleep
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