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I'm just in a blah mood & need to get it off my chest

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Maybe it's just the weather or maybe it's because Auntie Flow came to visit this week, but I'm in a blah mood. It just seems like nothing makes me happy and my outlook on myself is bad. Usually I'm fairly confident in myself, but lately (not just this week) I'm much more insecure. I think a lot of it has to do with my new career and how it is blossoming. I'm worried that I won't do a good job or that I won't make it out of training. I'm just worried about the unknown. I know I'm not the only one who does this, but like structure & security of my future plans whether or not it's next week or next year.

Another thing that's got me in a tootie mood is that I'm single. This is the longest time I've ever been with out a boyfriend. Honestly, I'm feeling needy. I have absolutely no social life at all and I'm tired of being alone. How sad is that?

Plus to add another thing that gets me all crazy in the head is that I've got a crush on someone. For God's sake, I'm 26 years old...aren't crushes for teenagers? No offense teens! But, I just feel foolish to have a crush on someone. It doesn't help matters since he's my boss! Granted my boss is 27 years old and we work 9 hours everyday with each other, so we know each other pretty well and chat about our lifes to each other. He's such a flirt and just absolutely gorgeous. There here comes the insecurity part...there is no way I could catch a man like that. He's got it all...brain, braun, charm, and money (even though money isn't that important to me). This guy gets asked out weekly by all sorts of women, but yet he's single. I got to meet his ex and she makes me sick. She's this little thing (maybe a size 3), perfect body but absolutely no brains. There is no way I could ever compete with her standards. Everyone at work and even my family says they think he's got a "crush" on me, but I just don't know. For one thing, I can't date my boss. It's just wrong to me, but I have no problem dating him after the fact. Actually, he won't be my boss after 2 weeks...but my mind is so confused about all of this. I just feel sick to my stomach thinking about all of this. But I've got to find a solution, some how.
Why can't life just be easy for a change? But challenges no matter how big or small, they are what makes your life normal. Ironic, huh?

Sorry for the venting and rambling, I just needed to get this off my chest. It doesn't feel like I've lifted the weight off yet, but hopefully it will soon. Thanks for listening and thanks for being there when I needed someone to listen. I'm not looking for sympathy or anything, so please don't think I am. Just needed to get this out. Thanks again.
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Hey Honey.

We are hear for you and please VENT,ramble, moan and be 'blah'(I love that ) all you like! You are such a special person and gorgeous as well, I bet he likes you , Go on ask him out , you want to, what harm can it do?, and you are leaving soon anyway. He sounds really good, but his ex sounds like to she needs to eat some more

Lol here I am rambling, sorry! all I can say is go for it

I understand what you mean, but the words arn't coming out.

I bet Tiki,Echo & Bud are cheering you up!!!
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HUH My furbabey's are SOOOOOOO angry with me, they said I forgot to sign off, with

my furbabey's send love and Hugs((((HUGS))))!!!!!, Hope yuo don't mind
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Thanks Sam for the encouraging words. I just wish I had the gut to make a move, but I'm scared of rejection. It just boils down to insecurity and I just hate that! I'm not like this, so why in the hell am I now?
Thanks again Sweetie! You made me chuckle with that comment about his Ex needing to eat more!
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LOL, I'm glad I made ya' giggle

Rejection- It's a horrible thing and you always feel so gutted afterwards.. but what if he doesn't reject you?, you will be so happy then.. ( if he says yes, and you start dating him he just HAS to like cats!!!!!!!), I'm sending lots of get-that-man vibes to you honey!

I'm always here to listen, lol, literally always

Best-Of-Luck.. Sam.
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Hey Shell~

How is it that YOU are posting about MY life?????
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You are a beautiful woman go and ask that man out for a cup of coffee or something.

Since the Ex is so skinny that maybe why she is the Ex Too many damn bones
oops shouuldn't have sad the D word sorry

Chin up girl things will get better in the new job...I have faith in you YOU CAN DO IT!
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Thats funny...him liking cats! He loves to tease me and get me riled up about stuff. I'll be talking about one of my cats and he'll say "Geesh, you act like your cats are your kids!". Or he'll say a mean comment just get me ticked off and he giggles the whole time. I know he doesn't mean any harm by what he says and I think deep down he's a cat lover, he just won't admit it! Being a cat lover is #1 on my list of priorities when it comes to men! I'm not shy asking if they like cats when I first meet a guy. If he says no, there's no chance with me! I've been in a relationship with a guy who was mean to Echo when she was a kitten and I kicked his bootie right out the door & kept the $1500 diamond engagement ring he gave me too! D
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Deb, are we twins separated at birth?

Cathy, thanks for kind words. Everyone's comments are very encouraging, hopefully they'll sink in to this thick skull of mine!
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A man HAS to love cats, I'm glad you agree!

LOL, The ring sounds gorgeous!!! WTG GIRLY!!!!!!!

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Diamonds are forever but sometimes the man isn't

You go girl I would have done the same thing. The man must like cats or he can't be with me. It really sounds like this man you are interested in likes you. He is teasing you and that is a real good sign....make a move on him
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Hey Sam, here's a pick of that ring. Still haven't sold it yet...it's on my list of things to do sometime in my lifetime!
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Wow! It's gorgeous! He has good taste in rings .. , Don't sell it, it's beautiful but hey if you can get some money... Nuff' said!!

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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Wow! It's gorgeous! He has good taste in rings .. , Don't sell it, it's beautiful but hey if you can get some money... Nuff' said!!

I picked it out!
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Shell, one way to find out is to ask him if he would like to go out for coffee - it cannot hurt, its simply an innocent outing. You can always try. If not, then you know he is not for you.

You are gorgeous and I know you will meet someone who loves you - you have this gorgeous personality and I am very sure that you will meet someone. Sometimes you meet someone without even trying. Thats how I met hubby - I wasnt looking and look who I found.

Mega hugs to you!
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LOL Even Better
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Thanks Kellye! I'm hoping that I'm just thinking to hard on all of this. Hopefully Mr. Right will find me someday and sweep me off my feet. I have faith that it will happen someday in the future. I just don't want to become an Old Maid.
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I was 40 when I got married for the second time this was last October. I didn't think that I would ever find someone out there for me. If I can do it (and I am certified nuts..JK) then I know that you can. Give this man a shot girl...ask him out for a cup of coffee
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Originally posted by Shell
She's this little thing (maybe a size 3), perfect body but absolutely no brains. There is no way I could ever compete with her standards.
I suppose you are right in that, because after all, you do have brains! So there would BE no competition!(And there is nothing wrong with the way you look!)
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Thanks Sue! I do have brains, so at least I've got that going for me! I have my moments when I do wonder if it's still inside my head, but I am a smart girl. That is one thing I am proud of and not insecure about. I just can't help but compare my body to hers. I know there is no what in the world I could ever have a body like hers. I'm just a bigger girl and I'll have to deal with that. She might have the bod, but I got the brains dang it!

Cathy, I've never been good when it comes to approaching guys. It's never turned out in a positive way, so I avoid doing that. I'm scared that he'll say no and then have nothing to do with me. Even if there's not a snowballs chance in hell with him, I'd still like to remain friends at least.
I did go out last weekend with my best bud and we went to Toad's (it's a bar close to where he lives). There was karaoke (which I love and he knows it too!) and I knew he'd be there but he didn't know I was going there. Amy and I were up on the stage singing "Cecilia" & guess who had to make an appearance? Yep, Brandon (that's his name)! Thank God we were singing good...I would have crawled under our table if we weren't! He stood in the door way, peeked in, grinned & then walked away. He never came up to me and I never spoke to him. I was nervous just because he was in the bar! I felt foolish and like a little kid again. I thought for sure he'd bring it up at work and razz me about it, but he never spoke about it. He had all the chances in the world to do it and I was afraid to say anything about it. Of course "she" was there and doing everything she could to make him jealous. She doesn't like me at all and the feelings are mutual. She glared at me all night and acted like she was Miss America up there dancing around with all of those men. She's just a disgrace to women in my opinion. Enough about her, she makes me ill!
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Aww.... Shell, What Sam said. Sorry about the blah feeling you have.... I hope you get to feeling better soon.
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Shell, in 30 yrs, she'll look like hell (and she'll probably have osteoporosis!). You'll be even smarter than you are now!
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What does age have to do with crushes? I've had more crushes, since I turned 40, than I did in high school. Never acted on them, as I was married but, they made for some nice fantasies.

Once he's not your boss, any more, ask the dude out for a drink. The worst thing that can happen is that he'll say no. Just in case, though, wear some sexy underwear. Even if he doesn't get to see it, you'll know and feel better.
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Originally posted by katl8e
Once he's not your boss, any more, ask the dude out for a drink. The worst thing that can happen is that he'll say no. Just in case, though, wear some sexy underwear. Even if he doesn't get to see it, you'll know and feel better.
Oh Cindy! You crack me up girl! I'll keep that in mind! Thanks!
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Hi Shell,

Sorry you're feeling kind of blah. Wish I could give you some great words of wisdom but I have none. Afterall, my own relationship just went down the sewer! The only thing I can say is.... having a man in your life ain't all it's cracked up to be! And I was always shy when it came to asking men out too.

Chin up princess! Make him sure you are confident about yourself even if you have to fake it! Just kidding... sort of.
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Shell, I've never been able to approach men either. Too scary. Don't worry about meeting someone else's standards, you are a wonderful person and very pretty.

Just think about how boring it is when someone looks great, but there's no substance. You can't even have a decent conversation. Anyone who preferes that to someone who is smart and has depth has some serious issues.

Ask him out for coffee like everyone else said. Since you're already friends you can go as friends unless some sparks happen.
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Shell, you are BEAUTIFUL. You're very smart and very sweet and have a down right great personality.

So stop fretting girl.

I agree with everyone else. Ask him for coffee, or casually mention going to see a new movie, and if he seems interested in the movie.. invite him along! The worst thing that could happen is him saying no, and that doesn't mean that you won't still be friends.

Although, he'd be nuts to say no. I wish I was half as pretty as you!
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Shelle, I am so sorry you are feeling down...I think us females tend to get in these modes every once in a while, so I know exactly what you mean.....I hope your day is better today though
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Ugh, Aunt Flow lol

You seem like such a wonderful person Shell.. I know you will meet the right guy eventually. It took me 30 years and many failed relationships to find my soul mate.

Hang in there!!!
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