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Opinion about Kids Today

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I was thinking a couple of days ago about doing this thread.... But recent events kinda stalled my thinking. But I decided today to post it anyway to see what ya'll think. Okay here it is. Do y'all think that kids of this decade have it easier or harder then kids that were born in 1950-1980?. IMO... They have it harder than ever before today, because of Divorce and peer pressure and drug/alchohol abuse and a whole lot of other stuff that us adults didn't know about when we were coming along.

What do You think?
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Divorce, peer pressure, and drug/alchohol abuse have been around since before the 1950's. The divorce rates have gone up alot but the peer pressure seems about the same. Many kids in the 60's were raised in unhappy homes but is that really better than a divorce? Drug and alcholol abuse has gone up but this figure is misleading because in the 50's most of the world was in denial about it but it has gone up. From a gay persons perspective the kids today have it easier. From a black persons perspective the kids today have it easier. I think some people have it harder and some people have it easier so it must be a false dilemma.
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No, I don't think kids now have it any harder that kids of any generation. In may ways, they have it so much easier. The same things, peer pressure, divorce, alcohol/drug abuse have always been around, they just didn't whine about them so much. I think many of the kids born in the last 20 years or so, not all of them, of course, are spoiled, whiny brats that think the whole world owes them, just because they were born, and the whole world revolves around them. The slightest little problem is a catastrophe of global proportions. I shudder to think what will become of them. I see them every day in my job, and I would like to slap about half of them across their smart litle mouths. Of course, there are some fine young people, but they are getting fewer and farther between, especially the girls.
I think someone should have put a sock in Dr. Spock's big yap before he helped ruin several generations of children with his child rearing nonsense.
If I hear one more talk show about kids with "low self esteem" I am going throw up. Most of these people have low self esteem because they deserve it. If they wouldn't go around having sex with everyone that looks at them, and putting themselves in bad situations just because mom and dad won't give them the world, maybe they would be better off.
OK, maybe I should stop ranting now.
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I have thought about this thread for awhile. In some ways, yes, kids today do have a tougher time of it. But in others, I think I more believe that kids of ANY time have it rough. Growing up is just hard, period. There were times when you didn't actually know if you would make it to adulthood, with illnesses and all. In the era before child labor laws, many youngsters spent 12+ hours a day working in factories under poor conditions.

I don't think life is ever easy, no matter when you are living it. We all have to bear the ups and downs of whatever time we pass through it.
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i think kids do have alot more to deal with, but it seems like to me that they are alot more aggsive than when i was a kid, you read about alot more cases involing young people that are just cruel and mean, it makes me wonder why ??
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I think it is harder for kids today. They have no real guidence or feel they have anything to lose. Both parents working and family living too far away to help. No "village" to report to mom and dad about the behavior they have been displaying. No consequences for the things they do until the get completely out of hand. No one backs up the teachers or parents and heven forbid if you spank.

Things are going from hard to bad.
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I think that technology & science is making life easier for everyone regardless of age. Other than that, life is a little more convoluted but not necessarily more difficult.
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Kids have it harder? Pfft!!! I'm a 22 year old and as I see it, things have gotten easier, maybe it's a little hindsight throwing my perspective askew here, I don't know.

Sex is actually a topic that can be talked about. There's plenty of help available and most of the time FREE and all that is needed to be done is to ask for it. Problem is that kids feel embarrassed, ashamed, frightened or arrogant and end up not asking.

Drugs and alcohol, this surely can't be a new issue. I cannot see how it is. Yes kids are told that these substances are out there and become curious and want to experiement which in turn can lead to a whole host of problems. The key issue here is to keep communication open and free of hostility. There's even free and accessible help with this and all that needs to be done is just to ask for it!

Education...well when is there ever no pressure? Even when you were back in school, the smart ones always were the ones to go to college/university and to get the high paid careers. Do you follow that path or drop out? Well now these days there are programs specifically catered for students who don't want to go to university and can gain other pathways to careers of their interest.

But here's the part that may have gotten harder for kids today. Acceptance of responsibility. In fact it seems that it's a hard task for anyone to accept responsibility these days. Just look at the Weapons for Mass Destruction issue that dogs Bush, Blair and Howard these days. So far, it's no one's fault really. And the way someone else is always to blame for your own misfortunes. Even if you do something wrong, there could be an underlying reason as to why you did it and because of it, you deserve sympathy, even if it was cold blooded murder. It is never your fault. There is always someone or something else to blame. This is the message kids are getting, why should anyone be surprised if they don't know right from wrong and only know how to point out the reasons for their actions.
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LOL a_loveless_gem you had me cracking up
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You like bellybutton piercings, yet someone who wears their ballcap backwards is 80% dumber???!!! C'mon now!
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Talk about judging a book by its cover!

While I don't understand the clothing style choice of today's teens, I certainly don't think people who wear certain types of clothes are less intelligent than anybody else. That comes scarily close to racism.
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hmmmm...No you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, BUT, IMO I wouldn't equate wearing a baseball cap backward with racial or cultural issues at all. I see it as similar to getting lots of tatoos or piercings, or wearing biker clothes or western wear. Remember the article about tongue-splitting? The person who chooses to dress that way usually does so with a conscious effort to create a specific image. They can't complain if they are subsequently judged by the image they chose to create.

BTW, baseball caps were designed to be worn to shield the user's eyes from the sun. If someone wears it backwards purely as a fashion statement, all that tells me is that the individual in question cares more about fashion than comfort and safety. Which to me is stupid, too.
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Both my son's have worn ther ball caps backwards,and both are vrey smart men!What a stupid statment!And what is so beautful about someone pokeing a hole in their bellybutton? Or their tounge?
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Well, as far as personal dressing style goes, the only thing I don't like to see is girls , especially very young ones, dressed like little tramps.

Piercing is akin to tattoos- its beautiful because its personal expression. Like clothes, its wearing our personality on the outside.
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Sherral, I'm sorry if I offended you, but honestly the backward baseball cap thing just seems silly to me, like wearing sunglasses indoors. Why do it, except for fashion, to present an image?

That's one thing about youth that never seems to change from generation to generation; the obsession with image.
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it is silly to me too,it just dosn't make a person stupid.
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I think kids are old before their time nowdays. Childhood seems to end at about 4. It seems to me that a lot of parents cannot be bothered to actually spend time with their kids and "buy" them off with the latest computers/designer gear/mobile phone or whatever and the kids know this and end up as spoilt brats. They are so "aware" of their rights etc and they know that no-one has any real authority over them so they can pretty much do as they like and I do wonder what society will be like in years to come. The children get everything too easy and appear to have little to strive for - they seem to think the world owes them a living. It is this attitude which annoys me.

I work in an office and am in charge of the secretarial staff but woe betide should I ask the 17 yr old junior to deliver a letter to another office 5 minutes away or Ye Gods....even worse...use their initiative...something sadly most can't even spell!

It would be wrong to tar all children with this brush but I would say it applies to about 60% of them. There are some lovely kids about but they seem in the minority but they do give you hope!
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my hubby is 25 and provide a good life for me and the cats and he has worn as backwards baseball cap everyday of his life almost.
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Tybalt, as usual you crack me up..

Thats now added to my list of personal mottos- 'Fashion is as Fashion does'.
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Personally, I think most of today's kids are basically just fine thanks. They have it rougher in many ways because of being exposed to way more temptation at a far earlier age that my generation did. I grew up in the age of the TV westerns, etc when the good guys won over the bad guy and you could have heros who didn't get hauled into court every second day. Most of us were totally comfortable with looking up to our Dads and weren't considered "Square" or "Wierd" for doing so.

Heck, even as a young 20 something we could buy a servicable car for $100 and have a ball with it. $100 won't even get you a decent bicycle these days.
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The majority of teens today MUST belong.

1. They MUST all be alike and wear the same things.
2. The grosser the attire the better.
3. The barer the body the better.
4. They MUST have a cell phone or pager or both.
5. They MUST never be told NO for anything because they will turn you in to Child Services in a flat second for abuse.
6. They have no intention to get an education, what for, a gun is quicker to get what they want.
7. They MUST always carry a black marker to "mark their scent" on anything that stands still.
8. They MUST have sex very soon so they are not laughed at by peers.
9. They know the law very well and know not much will happen to them if they steal a car or set something on fire or shoot someone.
l0. Their parents are terrified of them.
11. Their siblings will follow in their exact footsteps.
12. Ask a teen what he/her loves and they don't understand the question.

The above is my experience in todays teen world.

YES! I have friends who have wonderful teens, who are caring, hardworking, moral, family-oriented, loving persons with intelligent plans for a successful future. Why are these teens like that?

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My view of teenagers is much different from yours, RHbarb. Although I'm not a mother and don't have teenagers of my own, I've gotten to know quite a few through my job, my personal life, and through my friends (several of whom are younger and aren't much out of their teens themselves). The teenagers I've met are courteous, intelligent, dilligent, loving and thoughtful. They don't dress provocatively, don't necessarily follow what "the crowd" thinks and says, are very close to their parents and siblings, don't feel the need to "mark their scent" with markers or anything else on things that stand still, respect the law and the police and actually report when they see crimes occuring, and love their families, friends and others. And believe it or not, if you talk to teenagers, a majority of the don't feel a need to "belong". They are simply trying to find who and what they are, just as many adults I know.

I'm really sorry that you have such a negative view of teenagers today. Perhaps if you stopped focusing on the bad and started looking for the good, you'd be surprised to find that there are a lot of wonderful teenagers out there today.
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I would not want to be a kid growing up today. But then again I thought that it was tough when I grew up. I am 44 years old. At least I learned to respect my elders. Many kids today under about 16 years old are monsters today. Most have very little respect if any to adults in general. When I grew up you said MR...and kids call ya by your first name in most cases. This shows desrepect at the start. I think that this is about 50% of the problem. And not being able to spank kids is another part of it. I work in a bowling center and am exposed to about 300 kids a week.....I am just glad that I never had any. Many kids are taught to respect others and you can tell.....but then there are the others. I would say that it is tougher today.
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I think kids today have it worse in a different way.

I'm starting to see it more now as I get older, at the time I thought we had it pretty easy. I know I had it pretty easy. But now I'm starting to realize some things. I don't know if it is just my area, but there are a LOT of problems around here. For instance, many kids grow up with parents who are drug abusers--and the parents actually GIVE their children drugs!! There are also some kids around here who grew up with moms who have sex for drugs/money/cars/whatever. Drugs are easy to get. Weed was easy back then I guess, then later some harder stuff.. But it is easier for a 14 yr old to get cocaine than it is to get cigarettes. I remember when I was in highschool two of my friends stopped talking to me because I didn't want to smoke crack with them. They said I was "Scared" and a "loser" and stuff. Well whatever. I thought they were crazy.. BUT now I found out that it's because they're PARENTS introduced them to it!! Well the reason I didn't do anything like that was because my parents taught me that drugs were wrong, so who's to blame them for doing it because they're parents taught them that it was right? I also find that if one person in a group has a drug head mom/dad, the rest of the group will think it's really cool and go to THEIR house, where you think it's safe.. You can even call their mom who says "I'll take good care of them" then next thing you know they're 12 and drinking beer with college boys they never met before (which I did at my friend's 12th sleepover--with her mom HOME and AWARE OF IT!!)..

So I think that in general this is the result of hippie's having children. Of course there are many exceptions, like my parents who raised me 50s style (do everything right just for the sake of doing it right, even if it hurts you or others..).. I expressed myself by turning goth, but never did one drug in my life. Wrote a lot of poetry, did a lot of self-searching, and developed a very strong, individual mind (IMO) because of it. When I was younger I thought it was a curse to be raised as I was, now I am greatful and can't wait to raise my kids the same way when I have them
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teeagers like you described. You are lucky. I have for so long, wanted to be involved with teens to guide, counsel, and help in any way I could. I love watching young people mature and form their opinions of life. The teenagers you know are the minority and they are going to have a real battle, a real challenge to emerge on top in the world as it is today. Because, there are way more of the unfortunate teens who are taught the dark side. When Tybalt was in highschool, he and his friends (boys and girls) were an absolute delight to be around. Talented, wonderful kids, every one of them was a treasure. I'm so sorry for today's kids.
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