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My babies

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Hi all,
I'm new here,and I wanted to introduce my babies. first the oldest and sturdiest, Sesame Chiken,a male 2 year old, ten pound scaredy cat, who at the first rumble of thunder, streaks through the house to the bathroom to hide in the cabinets under the sink.then there's Squirrel, our special needs kitty, she has diastrophic dysplasia (frequently called diastrophic dwarfism)a birth defect which causes a shortening and bowing of her front legs, she is more comfortable standing up with her front paws held in to her chest,much like a squirrel, thus the name, she is also our mama cat,(just once since we were keeping the kittens)and speaking of the kittens, we have 2 healthy females, mooshu pork who looks like her father Sesame,she is also our best pouncer, and Polly(as in Polly wanna cracker.)who is our shoulder sitter and food snatcher. These are the loves of my life and as soon as I get my film developed, I plan to plaster their pictures everywhere!
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I look forward to seeing pictures. It sounds like you have an interesting bunch!


I'm Sam.
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Thanx for the welcome! Yes they are definitely an interesting bunch, they wait for me at the door every morning, and to be the smallest Polly has such an appetite, that I'm surprised every morning that my son has survived without having been gnawed on..lol
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Awww! They sound so loveable!!!!

Please share pictures soon, I'm on the edge of my seat waitin for them'

Cheers, Sam
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Welcome to the site! Boy it does sound like you have quite a furry family, with tons of purrsonality.
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I love your cats names! :flash: Welcome to the Cat Site! :flash:
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They are such characters,definitely individuals. And our Vet can't make himself call Sesame Chiken and Mooshu Pork by thier full names 'cause he likes chinese food to much and doesn't wanna make the associations during dinner.cxclhiopop ....that last is Polly's way of saying HI! by way of walking acros my keyboard.
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Lovely cats with lovely names. But where are the pics?
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Hopefully, I'll have some pics in a few days, I don't have a digital camera yet so I have to drop off my film. Maybe I can remember to do it tonight when I go to work.
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hi and welcome, i hope you enjoy posting, its habit forming, sounds like a nice bunch of fury children you have
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