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I'm strapped for cash and have my car payment to make. I have to make at least 75$ tonight at work after tipping everyone out. It has been deathly slow at work lately and none of us have been getting many tables. Can you guys wish me luck please? I just want enough to make this silly car payment.
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++++ Vibes going your way!!
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Sending "make mega bucks tonight" vibes to you!
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Hope you made it.......good luck....my life is like this but somehow it always works out....just!!!
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Thanks guys. Thank goodness we had the busiest night of the past two months or so last night, and let me tell you. I was in a good section, and got 20 tables. After tipping out I made $120. So I got my car payment! Yeaaaah!
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Don't tell me that BM has struck again?
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LMAO! The BM has definitely passed this way.
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Oh My God. ROFL! That is my new favorite smilie.
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What's BM?
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BOARD MAGIC!! We send out good wishes and prayers when they are especially needed. It works amazingly well.
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OH.... okay... everything makes sense again....
One post worth of board magic coming up....
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Board Magic!!!!!! Yeay!!!!
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